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Trevor Talks

Real people. Real Topics. Real Stories. Join Trevor Tyson, a long-time mental health advocate and media personality, for interviews that invite you into conversation, education, and inspiration. You’ll hear the perspectives of musicians, authors, and dreamers from all walks of life. Each guest shares their real stories of overcoming obstacles, chasing their passions, and finding wholeness in this broken world. Wherever these episodes find you, chances are that you’ll hear a little of your own story in the stories on Trevor Talks!


  • Natalie Grant Natalie Grant Play in Edifi Player

    Natalie Grant

    **Singer, songwriter, author, legislative activist: Natalie Grant has held many titles throughout her storied career. However, at heart, Natalie is simply a girl who said yes to God’s call to step out in faith.** **In this episode of Trevor Talks, Natalie outlines her road from a childhood in Seattle to an acclaimed eight-time GRAMMY nominee and five-time Dove Award- winning Female Vocalist of the Year. Along the way, God placed a passion in her heart for children who were being …

  • Mike Donehey (is back) Mike Donehey (is back) Play in Edifi Player

    Mike Donehey (is back)

    **It takes a lot of courage and grace to start over after wrapping up over a decade fronting one of the most successful bands in Christian music. Fortunately, courage and grace have always been central to the way Mike Donehey approaches his craft.** **When Tenth Avenue North ended their storied career in 2020, Mike Donehey began venturing into new creative space. Flourish is the result, a richly imaginative, redemptive set of songs that shows Mike at the height of his songwriting …

  • Colton Dixon Colton Dixon Play in Edifi Player

    Colton Dixon

    **What do you do when the whole world stops? If you’re Colton Dixon, you use the silence as an opportunity to press into the presence of God— an opportunity that created his latest song, “Made to Fly.”** **On this episode of Trevor Talks, Colton Dixon shares about the ways he redeemed the unexpected pause of the pandemic, using the time to focus on his family while he and his wife Annie welcomed twin girls. He also digs deep into the spiritual growth he’s experienced during this season, …

  • Michael W. Smith Michael W. Smith Play in Edifi Player

    Michael W. Smith

    **Few voices can claim to have shaped Christian music as much as Michael W. Smith. From humble beginnings as a child learning to play piano by ear and singing in the church choir, Michael W. Smith’s commitment to the Gospel of Christ and the craftsmanship of songwriting would catapult him to 3 Grammys, 45 Dove Awards, and countless number 1 hits. But before there were accolades, there was a family— and a testimony.** **On this episode of Trevor Talks, we’re privileged to hear the origin …

  • Hope Carpenter Hope Carpenter Play in Edifi Player

    Hope Carpenter

    **Pastor Hope Carpenter knows all about what it’s like to live your own personal disaster. At 35 years old, an emotional breakdown spurred by childhood trauma drove this pastor’s wife and mom into deep dysfunction and marital infidelity. At the end of the self-destructive road she’d walked, she encountered the true, unconditional love of Jesus— a restoring force that would change her from the inside out, restoring her marriage and her ministry.** **These days, Hope is an author, …

  • Danny Gokey Danny Gokey Play in Edifi Player

    Danny Gokey

    **If you’ve heard Danny Gokey’s story, you know that it would be hard to find a story more packed with highs, lows, and God’s enduring faithfulness. As we look towards the release of his upcoming album** ** _Jesus People_** **, Danny shared the real stories of the road that led him here– from working as a worship leader and truck driver, to appearing on American Idol at the request of his late first wife, to winning and then losing his first record deal, to becoming one of the most respected …

  • Franni Rae Cash Cain of We The Kingdom Franni Rae Cash Cain of We The Kingdom Play in Edifi Player

    Franni Rae Cash Cain of We The Kingdom

    **Franni Rae Cash Cain is one of the voices of Grammy-nominated worship band We The Kingdom. Formed by members of the musical Cash family, We The Kingdom has invited listeners deeper into God’s healing love and grace with songs like “Holy Water,” “Child of Love” and “God So Loved.” But for Franni, experiencing that grace came before singing about it.** **While growing up surrounded by the musical ventures of her father and uncle, Franni also grew up with her own experiences of ministry …

  • Rosie Rivera Rosie Rivera Play in Edifi Player

    Rosie Rivera

    **Rosie Rivera has lived an extraordinary story of mercy. Her life’s journey has taken her from a childhood as the daughter of poor immigrants from Mexico, to the sister of a singing superstar, to a broken, lost, drug-addicted young mother, to a redeemed and restored wife, mom, author, and social media influencer with a platform that speaks to millions.** **In our conversation on Trevor Talks, Rosie shared with generous vulnerability about childhood sexual abuse, addiction, and an …

  • Ken Coleman Ken Coleman Play in Edifi Player

    Ken Coleman

    **On this week’s episode of Trevor Talks, you get a live look at America’s Career Coach in action! Ken Coleman is a nationally syndicated radio host and the bestselling author of** ** _The Proximity Principle_** **. Ken believes that no one should have to choose between profession and purpose, and his upcoming book** ** _From Paycheck to Purpose_** **will walk readers through seven steps to clarify their personal mission— overcoming imposter syndrome and doubt in the process. You’ll hear …

  • Debra Fileta Debra Fileta Play in Edifi Player

    Debra Fileta

    **You might know our latest guest on Trevor Talks from her highly acclaimed book and blog** ** _True Love Dates_** **, but there’s so much more that Debra Fileta has to say. In this episode, Debra shares a little bit about her own journey through depression and into healing. She offers compassionate wisdom on what true relational, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health looks like, sharing expertise gained from her practice as a licensed professional counselor as well as her life …

  • Crowder Crowder Play in Edifi Player


    **Award-winning songwriter, worship leader** ** _,_** **and legendary beard grower: David Crowder has many titles. But before he was a respected icon in the church music world, Crowder was just a cowboy kid from Texas.** **In this episode of Trevor Talks, you’ll hear the whole story. Crowder shares an honest autobiography covering a childhood full of country life, a family getting by on powdered government cheese, and the deeply devout faith that launched him onto the stages where he has …

  • Jeff Reeter Jeff Reeter Play in Edifi Player

    Jeff Reeter

    **Jeff Reeter takes an expectation-subverting, kingdom-minded approach to finances: radical generosity and radical gratitude.** **In this week’s episode of Trevor Talks, Jeff shares about the unique family history that shaped his perspective. He also puts his belief in generosity into practice by giving away key life insights that he’s gained in over 37 years of work as a financial advisor. That insight led to Jeff being trusted for a season with a role as financial advisor for Dr. Ben …

  • John Cooper of Skillet John Cooper of Skillet Play in Edifi Player

    John Cooper of Skillet

    **On this week’s episode of Trevor Talks, we dive into the life story of John Cooper, frontman of the platinum selling rock band Skillet! John gives us the inside scoop on a brand new Skillet song due out later this year, shares why he felt called to write his KLOVE award-winning book** ** _Awake & Alive to Truth_** **, and even takes us deep into his personal testimony and the origins of Skillet. The conversation is a powerful moment of personal connection with one of the music industry’s …

  • Ginger Stache Ginger Stache Play in Edifi Player

    Ginger Stache

    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, I have the privilege of sitting down with Ginger Stache. As an Emmy Award-winning journalist and documentarian, Ginger is always ready for an adventure. Tune in to hear her unpack her new book, "Chasing Wonder: Small Steps Toward a Life of Big Adventure. "This episode is packed full of wisdom, encouragement, and stories of overcoming the tough times in life. Chasing Wonder Book Follow Ginger on Instagram!