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Trevor Talks

Real people. Real Topics. Real Stories. Join Trevor Tyson, a long-time mental health advocate and media personality, for interviews that invite you into conversation, education, and inspiration. You’ll hear the perspectives of musicians, authors, and dreamers from all walks of life. Each guest shares their real stories of overcoming obstacles, chasing their passions, and finding wholeness in this broken world. Wherever these episodes find you, chances are that you’ll hear a little of your own story in the stories on Trevor Talks!


  • Brant Hansen Brant Hansen Play in Edifi Player

    Brant Hansen

    **Brant Hansen has become a respected voice of wisdom in the world of Christian media. As a radio personality, podcast host and author, Brant has shared his perspective alongside Producer Sherri on the Brant and Sherri Oddcast. He’s also authored books like** ** _The Truth About Us, Blessed Are the Misfits_** **and** ** _Unoffendable_** **.** **Brant’s most recent book is** ** _The Men We Need_** **, a radical perspective on healthy masculinity as a protective force in this world. It’s …

  • Crystal Lewis Crystal Lewis Play in Edifi Player

    Crystal Lewis

    **Few voices command as much immediate respect as that of Crystal Lewis. This singer, songwriter, actress and author has garnered multiple Dove Award wins and Grammy nominations while inspiring a generation of strong vocalists.** **Part of Crystal Lewis’s enduring strength lies in her ability to reinvent herself, which is exactly what she’s done with her new jazz album** ** _Together We Can_** **. Featuring duets from powerhouse vocalists like Tori Kelly, Kate Flannery and Crystal’s own …

  • Joey West of Disciple Joey West of Disciple Play in Edifi Player

    Joey West of Disciple

    **Joey West is best known as the drummer for veteran Christian rock band Disciple, a band that has accumulated Dove Award nominations and a win, Grizzly Awards, and multiple #1 singles (such as “Erase,” “Dear X,” and “After the World”). But beyond his role as drummer for one of the most recognizable names in faith-based rock, Joey is a voice of hope and solidarity for those questioning their calling or struggling with mental health.** **That’s exactly what you’ll find on this episode of …

  • Jaime Villalovos Jaime Villalovos Play in Edifi Player

    Jaime Villalovos

    **Jaime Villalovos is a success story who is teaching others to redefine how they view what “success” truly means.** **Growing up in a large, impoverished family in rural Montana, Jaime learned what it was like to be lacking both practical and emotional support. Even as she spent her early years trying to protect her younger siblings, she was dreaming of a better future. She’s built that future with her husband Shawn, and together they have become accomplished entrepreneurs and …

  • Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire Play in Edifi Player

    Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire

    **Matty Mullins is the lead singer of iconic metalcore band Memphis May Fire, fronting the band with his alternating clean and screamed vocals. Forever one to wear his heart on his songwriting sleeve, Matty has expressed his story in songs like “Sleepless Nights,” “Carry On” and “Heavy Is the Weight.”** **That passion and vulnerability reach new heights with their upcoming album** ** _Remade in Misery_** **, which holds songs like “The Fight Within,” “Somebody” and “Blood and Water.” In …

  • Dr. John Delony Dr. John Delony Play in Edifi Player

    Dr. John Delony

    **Dr. John Delony is one of the leading voices in the global mental health conversation. As a team member of Ramsey Solutions, John’s radio show serves as a place to foster wellness on every level for listeners.** **In this episode of Trevor Talks, we have the honor of hearing how John’s own mental health struggles inspired him to rethink our cultural approach to wellness. We also get his vital and knowledgeable perspective on the way current events and social climates are impacting our …

  • Karen Bruton Karen Bruton Play in Edifi Player

    Karen Bruton

    **Karen Bruton is known as the “Lamb of Wall Street,” an unusual title she’s come by through forging an unusual path.** **At the age of 50, Karen began to learn the ins and outs of the stock market. Although she quickly learned to excel in trading derivatives and futures, she found her true passion and calling in sharing what she’d learned with disadvantaged communities through entrepreneurship training.** **This is the story that Karen shares with her autobiographical book** ** …

  • Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty Play in Edifi Player

    Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty

    **Missy Robertson is a mom, grandma, author and media personality best known for her role in the famed reality series Duck Dynasty. More importantly, she’s a steadying representation of the unconditional love that can be found in healthy families.** **For Missy, that unconditional love extends to both birth and chosen family. Missy and her husband Jase have been on an adoption journey in recent years that has added to their already extensive parenting experience. That process informed …

  • Joseph Rojas of Seventh Day Slumber Joseph Rojas of Seventh Day Slumber Play in Edifi Player

    Joseph Rojas of Seventh Day Slumber

    **Joseph Rojas is the lead singer of Dove-award winning Christian rock band Seventh Day Slumber, president and founder of Rockfest Records, president of Teen Hopeline, and an innovator in the touring industry. But before he was any of those things, he was a broken kid desperate for hope.** **On this episode of Trevor Talks, Joseph talks about the band’s new album** ** _Death by Admiration_** **and the ways in which it pushes the boundaries of everything the band has done in the past. He …

  • Steve Cobucci of Wolves At The Gate is BACK!! Steve Cobucci of Wolves At The Gate is BACK!! Play in Edifi Player

    Steve Cobucci of Wolves At The Gate is BACK!!

    **Wolves At The Gate has established themselves as a staple in purpose-driven metalcore, consistently setting the bar for what it looks like to create heavy music with weighty messages. Much of that strong theological thrust has been propelled by vocalist Steve Cobucci, the band’s clean vocalist and guitarist.** **Wolves At The Gate also happens to be one of Trevor’s personal favorite bands. On March 11, 2022, Wolves At The Gate is releasing their latest album** ** _Eulogies_** **, …

  • Korey Cooper & Lacey Sturm Korey Cooper & Lacey Sturm Play in Edifi Player

    Korey Cooper & Lacey Sturm

    **Over the past 20 years, you’d be hard pressed to find many people as influential in rock and roll as Korey Cooper and Lacey Sturm. As part of Skillet and Flyleaf (respectively), their songwriting has been at the forefront of shaping modern purpose-driven rock as we know it. They also happen to be frequent collaborators and longtime friends.** **On this extra special episode of Trevor Talks, Lacey joins Trevor to co host an interview with Korey Cooper. This is a conversation that …

  • Brian Dawkins Brian Dawkins Play in Edifi Player

    Brian Dawkins

    **Brian Dawkins is an NFL legend. The football safety played for a historic 16 seasons, spending the majority of those seasons with the Eagles. His tenure earned him a place in the NFL football hall of fame.** **Beyond the football acclaim, Brian Dawkins is a man of faith who remains deeply committed to his family. His dynamic personality is rooted in integrity that was developed through years of learning through the highs of career success and the lows of personal mental health …

  • Morgan Harper Nichols Morgan Harper Nichols Play in Edifi Player

    Morgan Harper Nichols

    **Morgan Harper Nichols has become one of the most vital voices of peace, light and comfort in our digital space today. With an Instagram following approaching 2 million, several best-selling books, and art placements with brands like Target and Starbucks, Morgan offers stories of hope paired with vivid paintings. ** **Morgan recently released her latest book** ** _Peace is a Practice_** **. On this episode of Trevor Talks, she shared a little bit about the way she has implemented …

  • Kristian Stanfill of Passion Music Kristian Stanfill of Passion Music Play in Edifi Player

    Kristian Stanfill of Passion Music

    As one of the most consistent servant leaders in the Passion movement, Kristian Stanfill’s voice has led landmark songs like “Always,” “Heart Abandoned,” “One Thing Remains” and “Forever Reign.” The commitment that’s so visible on stage comes from a life lived in servant leadership behind the scenes. Kristian has been a part of the Passion family since 2005, citing Louie and Shelly Giglio as significant factors in mentoring his calling to worship ministry into maturity. However, his …