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Trevor Talks

Trevor Talks is a combination of entertainment, inspiration and conversation. Each week, join Trevor Tyson, a long-time mental health advocate and media personality as he interviews diverse guests about their stories of overcoming objections, chasing their passions, and their path to finding true happiness in this broken world. Whether you work a 9-5 job, go to school full-time or simply live your life to the fullest, there is a little something for everyone!


  • Todd Tilghman Todd Tilghman Play in Edifi Player

    Todd Tilghman

    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, we have Season 18's Winner of the Voice, Todd Tilghman! Tune in to hear Todd share his journey from his first audition to navigating the competition in a pandemic and releasing music as an independent artist to co-writing a book with his wife of 22 years… all while raising eight wonderful children! This man is doing it all! For More On [Every Little Win](https://www.thomasnelson.com/p/every-little- win/). Follow Todd on …

  • Lindsey Maestas Lindsey Maestas Play in Edifi Player

    Lindsey Maestas

    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, I am joined by the wonderful Lindsey Maestas. Lindsey is a voice to our generation. Her honesty and vulnerability gives way to much-needed conversations. From sexual assault to postpartum depression, Lindsey's story shows the power of redemption and healing through Christ. Follow Lindsey on [Instagram](http://instagram.com/lindsey.maestas)! Listen to her podcast here! [https://sparrowsandlily.com/the- …

  • Tanner Olson Tanner Olson Play in Edifi Player

    Tanner Olson

    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, I had the opportunity of interviewing my friend Tanner Olson. Tanner is an author, poet & speaker with a heart of gold. He started Written To Speak in 2013 as an authentic way to spread hope and announce love through spoken word and poetry. Tanner has never forgotten where he came from and continues to challenge the narrative as he addresses topics that not many Christians will tackle. Aside from his many creative ventures, he is a husband and the father …

  • Dr. Caroline Leaf Dr. Caroline Leaf Play in Edifi Player

    Dr. Caroline Leaf

    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, we are joined by World-Renowned Neuroscientist, Mental Health Expert, and Bestselling Author Dr. Caroline Leaf! Join us for a conversation about the brain and steps you can take RIGHT NOW to help clean up your mental mess! With over 30 years of clinical practice, Dr. Leaf has helped hundreds of thousands of people learn how to use their mind to detox and grow their brain to succeed in every area of their lives including school, university, and the …

  • Rachel Cruze Rachel Cruze Play in Edifi Player

    Rachel Cruze

    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, I am joined by Rachel Cruze for a conversation on finances, fear & faith! Rachel is a 2x #1 _New York Times_ bestselling author, financial expert and host of _The Rachel Cruze Show_. Growing up as Dave Ramsey's daughter, Rachel hated budgeting for years until she experienced the freedom of budgeting for herself. Rachel now shares fun, practical ways to take control of your money and create a life you love. Her new book, Know Yourself Know Your Money offers …

  • Chris Brown Chris Brown Play in Edifi Player

    Chris Brown

    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, I sat down for an in-depth conversation with Chris Brown! Chris is a highly sought after Speaker, and Church Leadership Expert, Pastor of The Well Columbia and he brings over 20 years of ministry and financial experience. He worked alongside Dave Ramsey for years as a nationally syndicated radio host for “Life, Money, and Hope.” He has been featured on national media outlets such as Fox & Friends; but most importantly, he passionately loves the local …

  • Dawn Michele of Fireflight Dawn Michele of Fireflight Play in Edifi Player

    Dawn Michele of Fireflight

    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, I sit down with the amazing, Dawn Michele, of Fireflight! Her wisdom and humility are a gift to this generation. I know you will feel the same way as you listen to her story of trauma and growth. Dawn gives us a glimpse of a life lived for Jesus and shares the heart behind many of Fireflight's hit songs. [ **Listen to the album here!**](https://lnk.to/WhoWeAreTheheadandtheheart) ** **[ **Follow Fireflight on Instagram …

  • Kat Harris Kat Harris Play in Edifi Player

    Kat Harris

    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, Kat Harris and I have a "not awkward" conversation about sexual desire. As taboo as it may sound, God created sexual desire and intimacy, and all that He has created is good. Kat shares her story of navigating sexual desire and dating as a single woman in her thirties. Listen in to hear some real talk on sex and purity. [Book Link](https://www.amazon.com/Sexless-City-Sometimes-Painful- …

  • Hulvey Hulvey Play in Edifi Player


    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, I got to sit down for an exclusive interview with Hulvey! Hulvey, a twenty-two-year-old Brunswick, GA native, went from dropping out of college and scrubbing toilets at Publix to becoming Reach Records' latest hip hop rising artist. His label debut EP BRKNHRT was released in 2020 and immediately garnered him national praise. Pandora named him "Christian Artist to Watch in 2020", his work has been featured on VH1's Love and Hip Hop Atlanta in 2020 and on …

  • Daniel Fusco Daniel Fusco Play in Edifi Player

    Daniel Fusco

    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, I have the joy of sitting down with Daniel Fusco. Daniel is the pastor of Crossroads Church, host of Hillsong Channel's "Real with Daniel Fusco," and has recently authored his new book, _Crazy Happy_. Daniel shares his story and unpacks what Jesus has to say about living a crazy happy life and where to look to find it. ** Crazy Happy Book** : https://amzn.to/2P3iEdo **Crazy Happy Podcast** : https://apple.co/3eMfZjn **Instagram** : …

  • Jason Sautel Jason Sautel Play in Edifi Player

    Jason Sautel

    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, I have the honor of sitting down with Jason Sautel. Jason, a firefighter for 22 years, has seen the darkest parts of this world up close. Listen, as Jason tells his story of overcoming trauma and shares what has helped him find wholeness in a broken world. His book, The Rescuer, is available wherever you buy books, and his podcast, Jesus Is All We Need, is coming soon! **Edifi App** : <https://edifi.app/get-the-app/> **Jason Sautel** : …

  • Laurie Krieg Laurie Krieg Play in Edifi Player

    Laurie Krieg

    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, I sit down with, teacher and author, Laurie Krieg. Laurie shares her story of navigating marriage and same-sex attraction in the world of evangelical Christianity. We tackle the church's misconceptions of attraction, marriage, and sexual sin and explore what it looks like to love people well, regardless of their sexual orientation. **Get Laurie's Book Here: **<https://lauriekrieg.com/impossible-marriage/> **Listen to Laurie's Podcast: …

  • Mark Clark Mark Clark Play in Edifi Player

    Mark Clark

    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, we have author, apologist, and pastor Mark Clark. Growing up in an atheist family, Mark understands the questions people want to have answered and isn't afraid to tackle them. He challenges us to look at who Jesus actually is, not just who we want Him to be. Join us as we dig into today's difficult questions and learn how biblical truths stand the test of time and culture. Amazon: https://amzn.to/2NWBQcm [Support the …

  • Brandi L. Benson Brandi L. Benson Play in Edifi Player

    Brandi L. Benson

    On this week's episode of Trevor Talks, I am joined by veteran, entrepreneur, and Ewing Sarcoma survivor Brandi L. Benson. Brandi shares her powerful story of overcoming cancer. Brandi's story is one of resilience and redemption. She shows us how through life's curveballs we can find new purpose and a greater resolve to succeed. We dig into what it looks like to work hard and accomplish your goals and how to not get in our own way. Be sure to go check out her book and follow her at …