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There Is Always A Way with Dr. Jay Strack

There Is Always A Way with Dr. Jay Strack

There Is Always A Way Podcast is a podcast all about leadership, legacy, and living a life that makes a difference. The goal—to help you grow in leadership that works. In this podcast Dr. Jay Strack interviews world class leaders & goes under the hood to help you work on the engine of lasting leadership in your life. #SLUlead


  • Shane Pruitt- Calling Out The Called Shane Pruitt- Calling Out The Called Play in Edifi Player

    Shane Pruitt- Calling Out The Called

    #alwaysaway #slulead Shane serves as the National Next Gen Director for the North American Mission Board (NAMB). He and his wife, Kasi, reside in Rockwall, TX with their six children – Raygen, Harper, Titus, Morris, Elliot, & Glory. He has been in ministry for over 20 years as a denominational leader, church planter, lead pastor, and student pastor. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies, and a Master’s Degree in History. Shane is also a traveling communicator, evangelist, and …

  • Robby Gallaty- Discipleship & The Next Generation Robby Gallaty- Discipleship & The Next Generation Play in Edifi Player

    Robby Gallaty- Discipleship & The Next Generation

    Robby has served as Long Hollow’s Senior Pastor since 2015. He wasn’t always a pastor, though. For three years, he battled a drug addiction that ravaged his life. A $ 180-a-day heroin and cocaine addiction forced him to steal $15,000 from his parents. After living without gas, electricity, and water for months, losing 8 of his friends to drug-related deaths, watching 6 friends arrested, and completing two rehab treatments, Robby remembered the gospel that was shared with him by a friend in …

  • She Loves Out Loud She Loves Out Loud Play in Edifi Player

    She Loves Out Loud

    On this episode of The Always a Way Podcast, Dr. Jay Strack has an interview like none other. He interviews the Founder of She Loves Out Loud, Diane Strack. Across six continents of the world On November 5, 2022, She Loves Out Loud Global is “gathering the women of the world” to say,  **“We are with you.”** Mark your calendar for November 5, 2022.  Gather your family, church, pregnancy center, prison ministry, your neighborhood, and everyone you meet. **“Gather the women to pray!”**  has …

  • UNHOLY HURRY • Alan Fadling UNHOLY HURRY • Alan Fadling Play in Edifi Player

    UNHOLY HURRY • Alan Fadling

    Most leaders live with UNHOLY HURRY. The guest for today's Podcast wrote “That kind of unholy hurry may make me look busy, but too often it keeps me from actually being fruitful in the ways Jesus wants me to be. Jesus modeled grace- paced leadership. To learn from him, we begin not with leading but with following.” Alan Fadling (M. Div., Fuller Theological Seminary) is President and Founder of Unhurried Living, Inc. in Mission Viejo, CA, inspiring people to rest deeper, live fuller and lead …

  • Taylor Glow • Social Media Taylor Glow • Social Media Play in Edifi Player

    Taylor Glow • Social Media

    Today is very special edition of the Podcast. In this episode Dr. Jay has a conversation with Taylor Glow of Student Leadership University. There is a battle for the heart, mind, body, and souls of the next generation. In this interview Dr. Jay Strack and Taylor talk about SOCIAL MEDIA. Perhaps THE most important topic in the lives of the next generation. Every parent and leader of students needs to pull up a chair and listen closely.

  • Special Episode- Prayer For Mourning in Israel Special Episode- Prayer For Mourning in Israel Play in Edifi Player

    Special Episode- Prayer For Mourning in Israel

    Dr. Strack & Diane Strack, along with Uri Steinberg take a few moments to discuss the recent tragic events that have occurred in Israel and then take time to pray. This special conversation originally appeared on the Student Leadership University Facebook page.

  • Mike Taylor • UK-USA Ministries Mike Taylor • UK-USA Ministries Play in Edifi Player

    Mike Taylor • UK-USA Ministries

    Mike’s passion is helping students see the call of God on their life for the Gospel. Mike has been an innovator in Student Ministry for over 30 years. Throughout his ministry, he has used his spiritual gifts to preach and teach students through his personal mission statement: “We exist to Reach unbelieving and uncommitted students to Grow and deepen them in their faith and to Send them out to impact their world for Jesus Christ.” Mike’s ability to lead has given him the reputation as one of …

  • Austin Holmes • Mission of Hope Austin Holmes • Mission of Hope Play in Edifi Player

    Austin Holmes • Mission of Hope

    As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child. With campuses in the Caribbean, we partner with local churches to transform lives through church advancement, nutrition, education, and medical care. We accomplish this through our Core Resolutions: ###### RESOLUTIONS * **Connecting People to Jesus** : Repeatedly sharing the Gospel message in targeted geographies. * **Empowering Local Leaders** : Strategically …

  • Justin Miller • CARE for AIDS Justin Miller • CARE for AIDS Play in Edifi Player

    Justin Miller • CARE for AIDS

    Justin serves as the Executive Director of a non- profit organization called CARE for AIDS. He founded this organization in 2007 as a junior at Vanderbilt University. He graduated from Vanderbilt in 2009 with degrees in Economics and Human and Organizational Development. CARE for AIDS was started through a unique partnership with two Kenyan leaders as a response to lack of holistic care and overall marginalization of the HIV-population. By empowering this generation of Kenyan parents to live …

  • Nick Korir Nick Korir Play in Edifi Player

    Nick Korir

    Nick Korir holds a BSc. Appropriate Technology Degree and an MA. Leadership Studies Degree. After working for ADRA in South Sudan, he later went on to become Youth Pastor at Immanuel AGC (Kericho); Africa Director of Global Youth Ministry Network; Teens Pastor at Nairobi Baptist Church, Youth Pastor at Parklands Baptist Church and Youth Pastor at Nairobi Chapel. He later on took up the role of Executive Pastor of Nairobi Chapel in 2013 and finally Senior Pastor in December 2017. Pastor Nick …

  • The Cheat Sheet • Jordan Easley The Cheat Sheet • Jordan Easley Play in Edifi Player

    The Cheat Sheet • Jordan Easley

    Jordan Easley is the Lead Pastor of First Baptist Cleveland TN and former lead pastor of Englewood Baptist Church. Jordan served alongside David Landrith as Teaching Pastor/Multi-site Pastor at Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN.  Before serving at Long Hollow, Jordan had the privilege of serving at several other leading churches in the SBC: * Second Baptist Houston, TX (Ed Young) * First Baptist Atlanta, GA (Charles Stanley) * Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, TX …

  • Brian Mills Brian Mills Play in Edifi Player

    Brian Mills

    Brian has worked in ministry for over 16 years with 14 of those years serving in full time student ministry. He has led student ministries as small as 7 and as large as 2000. Brian is the co-author of "Checkpoints - A Tactical Guide to Manhood" and "Virtuosity - Doing the Common Uncommonly Well" along with being the co-founder of Impact Resources, a curriculum guide for student ministries. Brian is passionate about seeing people saved, baptized and growing in their faith along with equipping …

  • Jesus Hates Religion • Dr. Alex Himaya Jesus Hates Religion • Dr. Alex Himaya Play in Edifi Player

    Jesus Hates Religion • Dr. Alex Himaya

    Dr. Alex Himaya is a follower of Jesus, husband, father, pastor, speaker, author, visionary, and leader. He is the founding and Senior Pastor of theChurchat, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Under Alex’s leadership, attendance of theChurchat has increased significantly since its founding in 2003. Rather than establishing one mega building in a central location, Alex maximized the reach of the church by implementing a multi-site strategy with campuses across the Tulsa metro area. Inspired by his …

  • Slavery Still Exists • Julia Strachan Slavery Still Exists • Julia Strachan Play in Edifi Player

    Slavery Still Exists • Julia Strachan

    **Julia Immonen** Strachan was born and raised in Finland before moving to the UK at age six. An avid sportswoman who works for Sky Sports News, Julia’s passion is campaigning to end modern-day slavery, and she believes sport is a powerful vehicle for raising awareness about such overwhelming injustice. ** ****CLICK HERE TO READ An incredible account of one woman’s record-breaking row across the Atlantic** Thirty-two-year-old Julia Immonen and four other women take on a challenge …