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Purposed Parent/Connected Child

Purposed Parent/Connected Child

Do you desire to stop reacting in the moment and parent with purpose? Are you ready for a deeper connection with Christ and your child? Purposed Parent/Connected Child episodes focus on educating and equipping you to recognize the unique individual God entrusted to you and will empower you to partner with Him to parent with eternal perspective.

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  • Teach Your Child Biblical Critical Thinking Teach Your Child Biblical Critical Thinking Play in Edifi Player

    Teach Your Child Biblical Critical Thinking

    In order to analyze information, digest material, and produce godly discernment over fleshly judgement, your child must think with a mind influenced and directed by the Lord. Today we learn how to teach our children to discern information taught and caught through the lens of biblical critical thinking. https://www.terrihitt.com/items-1/purposed-parent%2Fconnected-child-podcast- episode-023---teach-your-child-biblical-critical-thinking

  • Mature Your Child Toward Perfection in Christ Mature Your Child Toward Perfection in Christ Play in Edifi Player

    Mature Your Child Toward Perfection in Christ

    Every decision you make can bring you closer to the likeness of God and move your child toward, or away from, the image of Jesus. Today we discuss ways to grow your child toward perfection in Christ. It all begins with our humble submission. https://www.terrihitt.com/items-1/purposed-parent%2Fconnected-child-podcast- episode-022---mature-your-child-toward-perfection-in-christ

  • Say NO to Ungodly Influences in Your Heart and Home Say NO to Ungodly Influences in Your Heart and Home Play in Edifi Player

    Say NO to Ungodly Influences in Your Heart and Home

    Ungodly influences lurk in every heart and home. Do you know which ones may be a snare to you or your family? Today we list several temptations and traps to avoid so that we may honor God and be the mentor He desires for our children. https://www.terrihitt.com/items-1/purposed-parent%2Fconnected-child-podcast- episode-021---say-no-to-ungodly-influences-in-your-heart-and-home

  • Teach Your Children Not to Follow Their Heart Teach Your Children Not to Follow Their Heart Play in Edifi Player

    Teach Your Children Not to Follow Their Heart

    Culture and human nature entice us to seek emotions and thoughts to lead us. But God knows our heart is untrustworthy. In fact, He warned us in **Jeremiah 17:9** , which says, _“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?”_ Listen today for 3 tips to teach your children not to follow the heart, but the Word. https://www.terrihitt.com/items-1/purposed-parent%2Fconnected-child-podcast- episode-020---teach-your-children-not-to-follow-their-heart

  • How to Help My Child Find & Live God’s Biblical Truth How to Help My Child Find & Live God’s Biblical Truth Play in Edifi Player

    How to Help My Child Find & Live God’s Biblical Truth

    Is godly influence present in your home? Do your children see it? If parents are not purposeful to mentor Christlike truths and character in the home, children will follow the leadership of the world. Today we discuss 3 ways to influence our children before the world directs them away from God. https://www.terrihitt.com/items-1/purposed-parent%2Fconnected-child-podcast- episode-019---how-to-help-my-child-find-and-live-god's-biblical-truths

  • Shaping the Heart Shaping the Heart Play in Edifi Player

    Shaping the Heart

    It is our duty to _recognize_ and _react_ to the _responses_ we receive from our children. Ignoring a retort or refusal to complete a required task may be easier in the moment, but God calls us to a standard of excellence when shaping the heart of each child. Today we discuss why it is so important to intentionally shape the heart of our child, not simply discipline or correct. https://www.terrihitt.com/items-1/purposed-parent%2Fconnected-child-podcast- episode-018---shaping-the-heart

  • Purpose of School Purpose of School Play in Edifi Player

    Purpose of School

    Have you ever stopped to think about what you actually _expect_ from school? Is the institutional public education system in America meeting your expectations and the needs of your unique child? Today we explore the option of homeschool and learn tips on how to begin to establish education at home for your child and family. https://www.terrihitt.com/items-1/purposed-parent%2Fconnected-child-podcast- episode-017---purpose-of-school

  • Parenting for God Parenting for God Play in Edifi Player

    Parenting for God

    Have you ever tossed a desperate bargain to the Lord? In 1 Samuel 1, we learn how Hannah, in despair, muttered a promise that would affect her future and that of her child. Listen today to discover how this lesson teaches us to be stronger examples of Christ for our children and strengthens our walk with God. https://www.terrihitt.com/items-1/purposed-parent%2Fconnected-child-podcast-- episode-016---parenting-for-god

  • Hearing God's Voice Hearing God's Voice Play in Edifi Player

    Hearing God's Voice

    Every believer wants their child to _desire_ God. We also want our child to _know_ when they _hear_ Him, and we must teach our children that although God speaks to each person uniquely, He remains _consistent_ in basic qualities. Listen today to hear the ways God consistently shares His voice and direction. https://www.terrihitt.com/items-1/purposed-parent%2Fconnected-child-podcast- episode-015---hearing-god's-voice

  • Finding Identity Finding Identity Play in Edifi Player

    Finding Identity

    As we raise our children to find identity, we teach them to listen to _Jesus_ , not what this world tells them. Our children must develop godly resiliency, trust, and confidence that will enable them to live the fullness of _God’s truths_. Once parents firmly stand in the identity we receive through Christ as Savior, we are able to mentor truth for children to emulate. Listen today to discover barriers to safeguard against  so our children will be rooted in the freedom of true identity. …

  • As in the Days of Noah As in the Days of Noah Play in Edifi Player

    As in the Days of Noah

    The immorality, chaos, and disorder we see in our culture stems from the absence of God’s morals within the hearts and minds of society. What happens when parents _do_ _not_ seek the wisdom of God? What happens when generations do not abide by or teach God’s truths and morals to those behind them? Today we look at the days of Noah and see that each parent must ask what kind of future they want to leave their children and act before it is too late. …

  • Values in a World of Immorality Values in a World of Immorality Play in Edifi Player

    Values in a World of Immorality

    We live in a time of rapid _moral_ decline when many proclaim that truth is relative. How do parents help children build a strong relationship with Jesus and _live_ by _His_ truths? How do we keep them from following everything the _world_ professes as good and right? Listen today to hear tips and truths to teach your children that _God’s_ truth is the _only_ moral compass to follow for true peace and joy. https://www.terrihitt.com/items-1/purposed-parent-connected-child-podcast- …

  • Roots of Wisdom Roots of Wisdom Play in Edifi Player

    Roots of Wisdom

    What we are today shapes who our children become tomorrow. Today we begin a summer scripture series beginning in Proverbs that will help establish or grow the roots of your child or grandchild to become steadfast, strong followers of Jesus. https://www.terrihitt.com/items-1/purposed-parent-connected-child-podcast- episode-077---roots-of-wisdom

  • Do They See Jesus Do They See Jesus Play in Edifi Player

    Do They See Jesus

    When days are hard and unexpected trials arise, remember that your child watches your every action and reaction, storing it away as it shapes their character. Do they see Jesus when they watch you? Today I discuss a personal story and ways parents can battle and triumph over hardship through simple choices and the joy of living with eternal perspective. https://www.terrihitt.com/items-1/purposed-parent-connected-child-podcast--- episode-010---do-they-see-jesus%3F