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Purposed Parent/Connected Child

Purposed Parent/Connected Child

Welcome to the Purposed Parent/Connected Child podcast! I’m Terri, a mom who has raised two sets of children over two generations, with one daughter now in Heaven. I hope that as you listen, you envision my arm around your shoulder. I’m here to encourage and equip you to move from being a good mom and help you become a godly mom. My prayer and purpose is that as you listen to each episode, your heart and mind will fill with Biblical truths and tips. Each show is crafted to bring you nearer to Christ and equip you to mentor Him to the precious children He has entrusted to you. It’s true that the days are long, but the years are short. You and I must practice purposed parenting now. Have you discovered that parenting is trickier than you expected? I’ve discovered that mothers need an intentional plan to raise children to follow Christ instead of culture. We need a way to set the foundation of faith for our child, and lovingly disciple them, so their relationship with Jesus (and us) lasts into adulthood. Motherhood is meant to be surrendered to Christ daily. I believe that despite what society teaches, you are not enough. That’s because you weren’t meant to be, but through Him, you are beautifully capable. God chose you for this exact moment and for the unique children He placed under your care. It’s time to rise and raise children to chase Christ over culture. Mothers are the front line to mentor Jesus. Will you unintentionally be a barrier between your child and Christ, or will you reflect His light to mold the hearts of your children? The Purposed Parent/Connected Child podcast will equip you to parent with Christ in the center. As you learn to prayerfully parent with purpose, your children will draw nearer to Him and to you. You will build healthy connection with Christ and your child that will last into eternity so you will truly be a purposed parent with a connected child in the ways God desires. You’ll transform from a good parent to godly mother. I have some suggested next steps: 1. Visit my website: terrihitt.com 2. While you’re on the website, grab your free guide to Help Your Child Develop (Godly) Confidence. You’ll also find many other free resources to deepen your walk with God. 3. Contact me for a 30-minute complimentary coaching call to see how I can help you move from being a good parent to a godly mom. 4. Coming soon: Set-Apart Mom Community – email me at info@terrihitt.com for details on how we can rise together and raise kids who chase Christ.

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