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Live With Eternal Perspective Podcast

Live With Eternal Perspective Podcast

Are you in need of hope? Is your spirit lacking joy? Do you seek peace? Are you tired of comparison? The Live With Eternal Perspective podcast was created for women to sharpen their understanding of Jesus and uncover all He desires for us to live a rich life and deepen our love for Him. Uncover how eternal perspective extends beyond our personal walk. Cling to the truth that Jesus has a unique plan for your life and learn how to choose Him over culture. Future episodes will continue to emphasize an intentional, eternal perspective lifestyle while focusing on faith, life, relationships, parenting, and simply sitting at the feet of Jesus to mature our hearts in genuine worship and gratitude.


  • An Eternal Perspective Life An Eternal Perspective Life Play in Edifi Player

    An Eternal Perspective Life

    Many believers hear the words eternity, eternal life, or live with eternal perspective and have a moment of gratitude for the gift God promises. How many actually grasp those words and apply them to daily life? What does it mean to live with a perspective beyond self and this world? Today we list ways to intentionally live for eternity now. https://www.terrihitt.com/livewitheternalperspective-transcriptions/live-with- eternal-perspective-podcast-episode-131---an-eternal-perspective-life

  • Practicing Gratitude While Life Happens Practicing Gratitude While Life Happens Play in Edifi Player

    Practicing Gratitude While Life Happens

    Have you ever wondered what God thinks when He hears your inner thoughts or words? Our Heavenly Father surely evaluates the intentions of what we say or think with a much different perspective than we do. Today we examine ways to live with godly gratitude despite circumstances. https://www.terrihitt.com/livewitheternalperspective-transcriptions/live-with- eternal-perspective-podcast-episode-130---practicing-gratitude-while-life- happens-

  • Don’t Let Lies Keep You from Living in the Fullness of Christ Don’t Let Lies Keep You from Living in the Fullness of Christ Play in Edifi Player

    Don’t Let Lies Keep You from Living in the Fullness of Christ

    God’s holy Word reveals truth that is often contrary to what we feel. What are we missing when we rely on self or believe lies based on feelings or experience? Today we discuss ways we cheat ourselves and miss living in the fullness and freedom Christ intends for us. https://www.terrihitt.com/livewitheternalperspective-transcriptions/live-with- eternal-perspective-podcast-episode-129---don't-let-lies-keep-you-from-living- in-the-fullness-of-christ

  • Living to Flourish through Christ Living to Flourish through Christ Play in Edifi Player

    Living to Flourish through Christ

    We live in a world that glorifies youth. God’s word teaches that wisdom comes through aging with Him. Today we find out how we should compare our life to trees and what God teaches in His word about maturity so we can learn to number our days and gain a heart of wisdom. https://www.terrihitt.com/livewitheternalperspective-transcriptions/live-with- eternal-perspective-podcast-episode-128---living-to-flourish-through-christ

  • Living Fully in the Moment Living Fully in the Moment Play in Edifi Player

    Living Fully in the Moment

    In this fast-paced world, it’s hard to take time to stop. One of the best qualities we can bring to our walk with God is the ability to live in the moment, but be directed by a heart set for eternity. Today we discuss 5 tips to help believers use time as an investment in eternity. https://www.terrihitt.com/livewitheternalperspective/episode/36de4279/living- fully-in-the-moment

  • Developing a Humble Attitude Developing a Humble Attitude Play in Edifi Player

    Developing a Humble Attitude

    This world entices us to cling to self or put ourselves first. In fact, culture encourages this practice. God in His perfect wisdom, instructs us to do the opposite. Our attitude is not to reflect the values and teachings of this world, but that of Christ. Today we share scripture and reminders to keep our minds focused on the mindset of Jesus. https://www.terrihitt.com/livewitheternalperspective-transcriptions/live-with- eternal-perspective-podcast-episode-126---developing-a-humble-attitude …

  • Willing Steward Willing Steward Play in Edifi Player

    Willing Steward

    How well do you use what God has allowed or gifted in your life for His glory? Today we examine Scripture and find ways to become better stewards of all God has entrusted. https://www.terrihitt.com/livewitheternalperspective-transcriptions/live-with- eternal-perspective-podcast-episode-125---willing-steward

  • Solace in Silence Solace in Silence Play in Edifi Player

    Solace in Silence

    In order to renew our mind and train it to be more Christlike, we must intentionally desire for that to happen. We can’t reflect what we don’t know. How do we learn to ponder God’s word and renew our mind in this fast-paced, distracting world? Listen today for tips that enable you to find solace in silence and worship. https://www.terrihitt.com/livewitheternalperspective-transcriptions/live-with- eternal-perspective-podcast-episode-127---solace-in-silence

  • Engaged with Eternity Engaged with Eternity Play in Edifi Player

    Engaged with Eternity

    How often do you reflect on the fact that God created you for fellowship with Him? You may know that truth, but do you _live_ like you believe it? His desire is that we joyfully _choose_ to walk with Him, to talk with Him, and to share _with_ and _for_ Him. Listen today for encouragement to live with purpose for eternity. https://www.terrihitt.com/livewitheternalperspective-transcriptions/live-with- eternal-perspective-podcast-episode-123---engaged-with-eternity

  • Trials and Tradgedies Trials and Tradgedies Play in Edifi Player

    Trials and Tradgedies

    What do you do when the unexpected occurs? Trials and tragedies are part of life, yet they don’t have to dictate our responses. How does God desire we handle the surprises of life? Listen today for three tips that will draw you nearer to the heart of worship. https://www.terrihitt.com/livewitheternalperspective-transcriptions/live-with- eternal-perspective-podcast-episode-122---trials-and-tragedies-

  • Facets of Faith Reading of Hebrews 11 Facets of Faith Reading of Hebrews 11 Play in Edifi Player

    Facets of Faith Reading of Hebrews 11

    Today we focus on reading Scripture from Hebrews 11 and remember the importance of faith and the way it powerfully touches the mind, emotions, and will of the believer to affect our present and eternal future. https://www.terrihitt.com/livewitheternalperspective/episode/37dc315b/facets- of-faith-reading-of-hebrews-11

  • What the Lord Requires What the Lord Requires Play in Edifi Player

    What the Lord Requires

    Did you know there are three simple actions that enable Christians to walk where the Lord requires? Do you know what they are? Today we examine steps that help us move from believers to followers who actively please Jesus. https://www.terrihitt.com/livewitheternalperspective-transcriptions/live-with- eternal-perspective-podcast-episode-120---what-the-lord-requires-

  • Conquer Overwhelm Conquer Overwhelm Play in Edifi Player

    Conquer Overwhelm

    Emotions are _feelings_ that rise up within us to create strong _sentiments_. Sentiments reflect our _attitude_ toward something, and our attitude can _quickly_ cause _anxiety_. _Unless_ we _purposely_ take emotions, feelings, sentiments, or attitude captive and release them to the Lord _,_ deceptive feelings easily and quickly morph into overwhelm. Today we discuss the sin of overwhelm and how to tame it into submission for the Lord to conquer. …

  • Biblical Friendship and Connection Biblical Friendship and Connection Play in Edifi Player

    Biblical Friendship and Connection

    Stories of relationships in the Bible prove that friendship is important to God. Jesus calls us His friend, yet we know He is so much more. Today we study ways to connect more deeply to Christ and allow our friendship with Him to transform us into a clearer image of Him day by day. https://www.terrihitt.com/livewitheternalperspective-transcriptions/live-with- eternal-perspective-podcast-episode-118---biblical-friendship-and-connection