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Empty Nest Guests

Empty Nest Guests

Welcome to your encore years! They can be your best years yet. Join Charlotte and listen and learn from encouraging guests who are helping others navigate the empty nest phase of life. Charlotte interviews guests (best-selling authors, speakers and leaders) who are blessing people mentally, physically & spiritually Charlotte’s mission and hope, through this podcast and her life, is to encourage others that they have great purpose here and now. Click here https://charlotteguest.com/about/ for more about Charlotte and to reach her regarding this podcast. PRODUCED By: LA PRODUCTIONS


  • Episode #31 (Guest : Jim Burns) Episode #31 (Guest : Jim Burns) Play in Edifi Player

    Episode #31 (Guest : Jim Burns)

    Finding Joy in the Empty Nest Discover Purpose and Passion in the Next Phase of Life Join best-selling author and President of Home Word, Jim Burns, and Charlotte as they talk about JOY! Sometimes, in the empty nesting years, you need to look for joy to find it, as well as purpose and passion. Jim and Charlotte will discuss some treasures from his latest book: Finding Joy in the Empty Nest, Discover Purpose and Passion in the Next Phase of Life. Whether you've been looking forward to it, or …

  • Episode #32 (Guest: Doris Swift) Episode #32 (Guest: Doris Swift) Play in Edifi Player

    Episode #32 (Guest: Doris Swift)

    You Have a Fierce Calling Yes! Even in the encore years you have a call on your life. God has great purposes for you. Your life has meaning and, each day, He has a mission for you. Why do we forget that as empty nesters? Listen in as Charlotte and Doris Swift, host of the Fierce Calling podcast, talk about: · What having a “call” on your life means (and one that is “fierce”) · Why some empty nesters have lost a calling · How we need to surround ourselves with “dream defenders” · Why …

  • Episode #30 (Guest: Kim and Mike Barnes) Episode #30 (Guest: Kim and Mike Barnes) Play in Edifi Player

    Episode #30 (Guest: Kim and Mike Barnes)

    Parenting Aging Parents Kim & Mike Barnes are former, award-winning TV journalists. They created Parenting Aging Parents for those of us who are: stepping in more to help our parents as they get older. Whether you’re providing hands-on caregiving, helping manage doctor’s appointments, finances, or anything in between, it can be challenging and confusing. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one going through this. Charlotte, Kim and Mike want adult children and other caregivers to know …

  • Episode #29 (Guest: Misty Phillip) Episode #29 (Guest: Misty Phillip) Play in Edifi Player

    Episode #29 (Guest: Misty Phillip)

    The Struggle is Real, But So Is God. Struggles __are__ real. Thankfully, so is God. Misty Philip knows this, wrote about it, a study that is an award-winning #1 Amazon new release bible study, and shares more on this podcast. Misty is a dreamer and a doer passionate about helping spark your soul message. She encourages people to use their story to give God glory. She is the host of the By His Grace Podcast ranked in the top 1.5 percent of all podcasts. She’s a Sought-after inspirational …

  • Episode #28 (Guest: Marci Seither) Episode #28 (Guest: Marci Seither) Play in Edifi Player

    Episode #28 (Guest: Marci Seither)

    Launch Stragegies and Leaving a Legacy With Marci Seither Listen in as Charlotte and Marci Seither talk about some helpful stragegies for launching children from the nest. The emptying nest and the empty nest have differences. Marci shares valuable insight about a few things that caught her off guard when her own children began to move away. Stress within the nest is a natural process for growing strong. Marci’s suggestions for coping are helpful. She encourages us to begin to …

  • Episode #27 (Guest: Shel Harrington) Episode #27 (Guest: Shel Harrington) Play in Edifi Player

    Episode #27 (Guest: Shel Harrington)

    Avoiding Divorce Court & Aging With Humor Join Charlotte and Shel Harrington, the divorce attorney who does not like divorce. Shel is a family lawyer who truly tries to help her clients avoid divorce. Both adultery and domestic abuse are serious issues that can destroy marriages but neither is the most common reason for divorce. Small behaviors add up to big marital damage. Shel says, once identified, they can be avoided. She also encourages listeners to “Pray, Play and Stay.” Loving, …

  • Episode #26 (Guest: Jim Burns) Episode #26 (Guest: Jim Burns) Play in Edifi Player

    Episode #26 (Guest: Jim Burns)

    My Husband Is Retiring…What Next? Join Charlotte and Jim Burns, President of HomeWord and best-selling author and speaker as they discuss how couples can look at retirement as a rite of passage, something to be celebrated and not feared. Many find the retirement season difficult in the empty nesting years. Couples now must adjust to a new routine as well as doing life with adult children. Retirement is a time to reconnect, reinvent and reboot your life, marriage and your future. It’s NOT …

  • Episode #25 (Guest: Tina konkin) Episode #25 (Guest: Tina konkin) Play in Edifi Player

    Episode #25 (Guest: Tina konkin)

    Affair Repair – How God Used the Other Woman _How God Used the Other Woman_ by Tina __ Konkin __ is an incredible book that shares how Tina and her husband Ron saved their marriage after his affair and fought to make it better than before. When Tina Konkin, renowned marriage expert and speaker finds out her husband Ron, a speaker and marriage expert in his own right, is having an affair with her close friend, God transforms this disaster into one of His promises that what was intended …

  • Episode #24 (Guest: Lisa Bain) Episode #24 (Guest: Lisa Bain) Play in Edifi Player

    Episode #24 (Guest: Lisa Bain)

    Stepping Out of Brokenness Into Purpose with Lisa Bain Join Charlotte and Lisa Bain, from Lisa Bain Ministries. as they talk about fact that breakthroughs can come from being broken. Lisa Bain is an author and speaker who shares about illness, loss and her journey through broken relationships. She is the founder of Lisa Bain Ministries, a non-profit organization that provides encouragement, support, and practical tools for those in broken places. Lisa writes regularly on her blog and …

  • Episode #23 (Guests: Dr. Helen McIntosh and Blythe Daniel) Episode #23 (Guests: Dr. Helen McIntosh and Blythe Daniel) Play in Edifi Player

    Episode #23 (Guests: Dr. Helen McIntosh and Blythe Daniel)

    Are You Struggling With A Difficult Mother-Daughter Relationship? Join Charlotte as she visits with Dr. Helen McIntosh and Daughter Blythe Daniel, authors of _Mended – Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters._ (This wonderful book is endorsed by Lysa TerKeust, Stasi Eldredge and other best-selling authors.) Relationships between mothers and daughters can be messy and hurtful. In their book, Helen and Blythe share how they’ve built, guarded and renewed a relationship centered around …

  • Episode #22 (Guest:George Stahnke) Episode #22 (Guest:George Stahnke) Play in Edifi Player

    Episode #22 (Guest:George Stahnke)

    _“Help…I need my husband to lead us.”_ With George Stahnke from Focus on the Family. If you find yourself saying or even thinking this, this podcast is for you. Empty nesting can be hard on both women and men. As some men question their purpose at this stage in life, they often turn inward and shut down emotionally. Others dive into work or a hobby instead of putting energy into leading a much smaller nest and loving others well. Join Charlotte and George Stahnke from Focus on the …

  • Episode #21 (Guest:Janice Mathers) Episode #21 (Guest:Janice Mathers) Play in Edifi Player

    Episode #21 (Guest:Janice Mathers)

    Mothers-in-Law vs Daughters-in-Law – Let There Be Peace The conflict between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law has existed throughout all of history. Now, thousands of years later, after Rebekah’s story from the Bible, many continue to complain about in-laws, often even hoping they won't ever come visit. _Mothers-in-Law vs. Daughters-in-Law_ examines this in-law conflict and aims to draw readers into a different perspective: that women will learn to recognize their in-laws as a …

  • Episode #20 (Guest: Jennifer Sands) Episode #20 (Guest: Jennifer Sands) Play in Edifi Player

    Episode #20 (Guest: Jennifer Sands)

    A 9/11 Widow’s Journey – With Jennifer Sands Jennifer’s nest become tragically empty on 9/11 when she lost her husband, best friend, scuba diving partner and love of her life. Jim died as the World Trade Center Towers fell. For a long time after 9/11, Jennifer looked at God through the eyes of anger and contempt. Through a series of events, her anger was downgraded to disappointment, then it changed to curiosity. Eventually Jennifer looked at God thru the eyes of acceptance and trust. …

  • Episode #19 (Guest: Jim Burns) Episode #19 (Guest: Jim Burns) Play in Edifi Player

    Episode #19 (Guest: Jim Burns)

    Doing Life With Your Adult Children With Best-selling Author Jim Burns Tune in and hear best-selling author Jim Burns and Charlotte talk about practical advice and hopeful encouragement for the tough, yet rewarding transition of parenting grown kids. Jim is President of HomeWord. He speaks to thousands of people around the world each year. He has close to 2 million resources in print in 20 languages. If you have an adult child, you know that parenting doesn’t stop when your child turns …