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Cooper Stuff Podcast

Cooper Stuff Podcast is an in depth look at what drives John Cooper (lead singer of Skillet); a commentary on culture from a traditional Biblical paradigm:

Has modern culture stolen your world view? With all the screaming voices, who do you trust? How much have you been subversively influenced? Cooper Stuff aims to point out subtle and not so subtle influences on culture with a traditional, Biblical world view/emphasis… while boiling complex issues down to simple language.


  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Christians are a Bigger Threat To America Than Al Queda?! Play in Edifi Player

    Christians are a Bigger Threat To America Than Al Queda?!

    Democratic strategist James Carville appeared on the Bill Maher show and claimed that Christians--and/or Christian nationalists--are the biggest threat to America…."worse than Al Queda." He made many other claims that are a brilliant way to illustrate (1) That Christianity is truly under threat in America. (2) Christian nationalism is used to mean "traditional Christian." (3) The left and the right mean very different things by the word "democracy." This short episode is packed with extremely …

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Why Are You So Political? Play in Edifi Player

    Why Are You So Political?

    One question that I get asked often is "Why are you so political?" In fact, I think that confusion over politics is one of the greatest challenges to the church today and is causing massive division. This episode is the simplest explanation possible for why we cannot escape politics. Secondly, I discuss how secular social justice has twisted true justice, turning it on its head. Many Christians have fallen for this and have fought for secular social justice. And even though the results of …

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast The Simplicity of Following Jesus Play in Edifi Player

    The Simplicity of Following Jesus

    Today's Sword and Shield passage is from 2 Corinthians 1:12. Following Christ is about the simplicity of obedience. You don't have to be intellectual, academic, or impressive according to worldly standards. Today Cooper Stuff reminds you that you have a testimony! Obey Jesus, share your testimony, and live in godly sincerity.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Black Friday Book Announcement and Personal Thoughts Play in Edifi Player

    Black Friday Book Announcement and Personal Thoughts

    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had a wonderful time with your family. Today we (1) announce our Black Friday sale. And (2) I share personal thoughts and concerns about the surprising backlash I've received about my book. To be honest, the backlash isn't even about my book, but the book title! The state of our culture is even worse than I thought. Join me for a frank conversation.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Cooper Stuff Replay - Definition of Wimpy, Weak, and Woke Play in Edifi Player

    Cooper Stuff Replay - Definition of Wimpy, Weak, and Woke

    Today we have Cooper Stuff replay about the definition of Wimpy, Weak, and Woke. The increasing conflicts in America today are often referred to as "culture war." But what is truly happening is a war between gods - the living God and the god of Man. Wimpy, Weak, and Woke uncovers the philosophies behind utopian dreams that become dystopian nightmares, and presents a positive vision for how we can thrive and flourish. The false promises of Man lead to destruction; God's ways lead to life.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Cancel Culture and Peer Pressure w/JP Sears Play in Edifi Player

    Cancel Culture and Peer Pressure w/JP Sears

    Today we have comedian JP Sears join Cooper Stuff! You know him by his hysterical YouTube videos, which have millions of views. But what you may not know is his story, his message of saying no to cancel culture and peer pressure, and his stance for liberty. Also, we talk about his new children's book "Chomp Chomp Chomp" releasing with Brave Books. This is a genuinely great and interesting conversation that you don't want to miss.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast The Wimpy, Weak, and Woke Society Play in Edifi Player

    The Wimpy, Weak, and Woke Society

    Only 1 day until my new book, "Wimpy, Weak, and Woke" releases! As the events of the last week unfold, things are bizarre and seemingly inexplicable. But there is a simple answer to the madness! Today, we discuss why these evil and seemingly diverse events are tied together by the matrix of oppression. The world's philosophies have infiltrated the church and because we weee ill- equipped to argue against them, it has left many confused and shipwrecked people. Watch today's episode to …

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Obedience, Peace, and Prosperity Play in Edifi Player

    Obedience, Peace, and Prosperity

    We cannot be blessed by God if we continue to live in disobedience. God is calling His people to obey, and when we do, we will prosper. In a world suffering under increasing delusions, the light of Christ will be a beacon.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Living In God's Blessing Play in Edifi Player

    Living In God's Blessing

    God told His people that He would bless them and take care of them if they keep His commands. Today, on Sword and Shield, we talk about the blessings of obeying God. We cannot earn our salvation! But God commands a blessing on this who keep His Word.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Drag Queen Dove Awards and the Silence of Christian Outlets Play in Edifi Player

    Drag Queen Dove Awards and the Silence of Christian Outlets

    This week I went semi-viral with my comments about Christian music's "Dove Awards," in which three provocateurs showed up. On todays episode, you'll probably notice that I'm fired up due to the absurd silence of Christian platforms. Where is the solidarity from the industry, or from the Christian platforms? They are nowhere to be heard. The truth will set us free, but much of American Christianity believes that the truth is impolite. I'm sick of the wimpy, weak, and wokeness in our churches! …

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Finding Refuge in Trouble Play in Edifi Player

    Finding Refuge in Trouble

    On today's episode of Sword and Shield, we read from Proverbs 30:5. Do you sometimes lack faith in the Word of God? Do you often run to other sources of help before running to God? Today we discuss how to find refuge in God by trusting in His Word.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Multiculturalism, Israel, and Utopia Play in Edifi Player

    Multiculturalism, Israel, and Utopia

    As we continue to talk about the conflict in Israel, we must confront the issue of multiculturalism. Is it arrogant or bigoted to say that some cultures are better than others? Today's episode will be extremely illuminating for people who want to understand what's happening in our world, and why we must stand against it. We cover postmodernism, multiculturalism, and Foucault's "heterotopia." All of this is explained more thoroughly in my new book "Wimpy, Weak, and Woke," available for …

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Victorious for Truth Play in Edifi Player

    Victorious for Truth

    Today we continue our Sword and Sheild series. Our Scripture is Psalms 45:4. We tend to either lean towards grace or truth, but the Bible tells us to live in grace AND truth. We are to be victorious in the battle for truth whilst being meek! This sounds impossible, except that our lord showed us how.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Israel Massacre, Decolonization, and Western Civilization Play in Edifi Player

    Israel Massacre, Decolonization, and Western Civilization

    The horror of the massacre in Israel by Hamas has shaken the world. Though the history of this region is complex, the atrocity and brutality exhibited by Hamas must be spoken against. Meanwhile, we have seen American university groups, some in the media, some BLM chapters, members of Congress, and even Christian influencers either support Hamas or bring moral equivalence between the violent acts of Hamas and the perceived oppression against Palestine from Israel. As I explain in my new book, …