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Cooper Stuff Podcast

Cooper Stuff Podcast is an in depth look at what drives John Cooper (lead singer of Skillet); a commentary on culture from a traditional Biblical paradigm:

Has modern culture stolen your world view? With all the screaming voices, who do you trust? How much have you been subversively influenced? Cooper Stuff aims to point out subtle and not so subtle influences on culture with a traditional, Biblical world view/emphasis… while boiling complex issues down to simple language.


  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Is Prayer Evil Or Effective? Play in Edifi Player

    Is Prayer Evil Or Effective?

    There is a controversy over a bill that was proposed for “a moment of silence” in schools where students are encouraged to pray or simply to remain silent before starting the school day. Republicans have disappointed us yet again by rejecting the bill. Today Cooper Stuff has journalist Billy Hallowell on the show to discuss. He has been covering the story and has great insight to why politicians on the left and right are both leading us astray.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Silencing Of The Lambs With Michael Brown Play in Edifi Player

    Silencing Of The Lambs With Michael Brown

    Today Cooper Stuff is honored to have Dr. Michael Brown on the show to discuss his new book, The Silencing Of The Lambs. We talk about cancel culture; the need for revival in America that must begin with holiness in the Church; why our hope is not in America but in Jesus Christ; why we have a responsibility to speak truth to the culture; how the gospel can change a nation; and so much more! We hope that you are as encouraged in your faith as we were after listening to this amazing episode.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Culture Of Death Play in Edifi Player

    Culture Of Death

    School shootings, violence, hate, abortion, suicide…are these issues tied together? Today, instead of discussing policy issues we look at the broader topic of a culture of life versus a culture of death. We read from Proverbs 3 and show how simple belief in God's Word could change a nation. Hope cannot be found in politics, policy, or any government. Hope is found in Jesus Christ and his Word.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast I Need A Hero! With Frank And Zach Turek Play in Edifi Player

    I Need A Hero! With Frank And Zach Turek

    Today we have an awesome episode with co-authors Frank Turek and Zach Turek to discuss their new book "Hollywood Heroes. How movies reveal God." This is a fun, entertaining episode that is packed with Biblical insights into many of our favorite stories like Spider-man, Batman, and Star Wars. If you're looking for something that is lighthearted and encouraging to your faith, you'll love this episode!

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast I’m A Christian, What’s Next? Play in Edifi Player

    I’m A Christian, What’s Next?

    Today's episode is a positive, exciting encouragement of what the Christian life is about. It was birthed from a conversation with a friend this weekend who said, "Now that I'm a Christian, what's next?" Many people ask this same question: What do I do now? Today's topic is one of my favorite things to talk about in the Christian life: the Word and the power of the Spirit. Let's go!

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast God The Mother? Play in Edifi Player

    God The Mother?

    Today we show some video of professing Christians praying to "God the Mother." We also show some alarming video from a panel at the Christian apologetics conference called The Jude 3 Project. We talk about the intersection between these unorthodox statements and Deconstructionism. Cooper Stuff is of the opinion that we are about to see these kinds of shocking statements ramp up instead of slow down. Buckle up!

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Do Pro-Lifers Care About Women? Play in Edifi Player

    Do Pro-Lifers Care About Women?

    Today we bring you into our personal lives so that you can see the ministry that the Coopers, Skillet, and my church support. With the news of the possible overturning of Roe last week, social media has gone wild. I continue to see many people (including Christians) making the claim that pro-lifers only care about the needs of the unborn while ignoring the needs of moms and women in general. Is this true? Today we interview Ginna Cross, the executive director of the Alliance Women's Clinic to …

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Wow! Roe V Wade and the Silence of Woke Christians Play in Edifi Player

    Wow! Roe V Wade and the Silence of Woke Christians

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast 5 Reason People Are Deconstructing. A Response Play in Edifi Player

    5 Reason People Are Deconstructing. A Response

    Today's episode is a response to an article published on church growth expert Carey Nieuwhof's website called "5 Real reasons young people are deconstructing." There are some things to take seriously about this article because it certainly is a problem that young people are leaving the church. But does this article give good solutions or bad solutions? And why do so many Christian elite establishment people refuse to see deconstruction as something to be concerned about? Finally, as I will …

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Will Smith And Hollywood Slap Us All Play in Edifi Player

    Will Smith And Hollywood Slap Us All

    Everyone has talked about the slap heard round the world for a week now. But the slap is a microcosm of Hollywood constantly slapping Americans. Cooper Stuff talks about some important culture aspects of the night to illustrate once again the difference between order and chaos. Our country is confused, but the truth will set us free!

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast I’m Not A Biologist! With Kyle Thompson Play in Edifi Player

    I’m Not A Biologist! With Kyle Thompson

    Today we have Kyle Thompson from the Undaunted Life Podcast join Cooper Stuff to discuss the SCOTUS nomination and her comments about not being a biologist, her record on sentencing, etc. We also discuss wider implications of this nominee on the divide in the Church. Also we offer encouragement to stand strong, never compromise, and to get involved.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Another Bizarre Assault on Confused Children Play in Edifi Player

    Another Bizarre Assault on Confused Children

    Get ready for yet another bizarre assault on confused children. A children's hospital in Portland gives instructions on how boys can tuck their genitals to become more sex-positive. The medical establishment have become the secular priests and kings of our day. They institute radical culture change and then accuse us of being divisive when we push back. These people do not love our children. They hate them. We must engage and push back. Contrary to popular opinion, it is the loving thing to …

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Part 3: The Elite’s War On Christian Nationalism Play in Edifi Player

    Part 3: The Elite’s War On Christian Nationalism

    Today we have Dr. Joseph Boot join the show to discuss and rebut an article by David French. French claims that America is more Christian now than ever before. Is this true? We discuss the concept of Christian Nationalism, where just law and liberty come from, and why we think this narrative falls into a Leftist view of not only history but also into the secular agenda for the future. Believe me, you don't want to miss this episode with Dr. Boot!

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Part 2: Covid Bullies: The Leftward Drift Of Christian Elites Play in Edifi Player

    Part 2: Covid Bullies: The Leftward Drift Of Christian Elites

    In part 2 of our series on the leftward drift of Christian elites, we discuss the hot topic of our leaders' response to Covid vaccines and masks. We are naming names. Today's episode contains some bombshell reports. We discuss Cooper Stuff's position on the matter and we contend that even our detractors will find us more reasonable than the Christian elites who bullied us into their agenda using "love thy neighbor" rhetoric -- all while demanding that we give to Caesar what belongs to God.