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Cooper Stuff Podcast

Cooper Stuff Podcast is an in depth look at what drives John Cooper (lead singer of Skillet); a commentary on culture from a traditional Biblical paradigm:

Has modern culture stolen your world view? With all the screaming voices, who do you trust? How much have you been subversively influenced? Cooper Stuff aims to point out subtle and not so subtle influences on culture with a traditional, Biblical world view/emphasis… while boiling complex issues down to simple language.


  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Superspreader Play in Edifi Player


    Today we talk about the new film, Superspreader, and we speak to its controversial creator and worship leader, Sean Feucht. During the pandemic Sean led worship all around the nation, including my home city of Kenosha after the protests in 2020. We speak about the church's reaction to the pandemic, the power of worship and the power of the Word of God. Finally, we talk about the documentary and what Sean hopes it will accomplish.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast The Suicide Of The West Play in Edifi Player

    The Suicide Of The West

    The destruction of the West is not due to outside enemies, but rather due to suicide. We are all participating in the demise of a civilization that was built upon a Christian worldview. Some in the church are also attempting to tear down the West without understanding what the fight is even about. Today, we discuss the view of absolute truth versus critical theory; the actress Jennifer Laurence's statements on gun control; Desantis sending immigrants to Martha's Vineyard; soaring crime rates; …

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Standing Against Tyranny With Eric Metaxas Play in Edifi Player

    Standing Against Tyranny With Eric Metaxas

    We can no longer deny that we are at a monumental period in American history. Forces of revolution, authoritarianism, and hate have challenged every aspect of our daily lives. Today, author and intellectual, Eric Metaxas, joins Cooper Stuff to talk about the role of the Church, the Christian, the father and mother, and the ordinary church goer to stand against tyranny. We also talk about his legendary book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer as well as his book "Is Atheism Dead," and finally, his upcoming …

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Thanks Biden For Proving Us Right Play in Edifi Player

    Thanks Biden For Proving Us Right

    President Biden gave a speech this week that was not only divisive, but it also proved many things that we have been discussing on Cooper Stuff for the last 2 years. We explain the use of language and definitions of democracy and equality associated with the American Revolution versus the French Revolution; we explain why Biden believes that half of the country is a "clear and present danger"; and finally we ask why the Christian Left supports politicians who see them as dangerous and …

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast No, Loan Forgiveness Isn’t The Same As Sin Forgiveness Play in Edifi Player

    No, Loan Forgiveness Isn’t The Same As Sin Forgiveness

    Do Christians have to support debt cancellation, or is it an example of unequal weights and measurements? The Biden administration announced a ten thousand dollar student loan cancellation per recipient. The Christian Left began a frenzy of finger pointing towards Christians who weren't supportive of the move, claiming that since Christ cancelled our debts, we must support debt cancellation. Is this true? Or is this crazy! Also, we are joined by Dr. Michael Brown for a quick 10 minute talk. …

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Resist or Submit? With Joseph Boot Play in Edifi Player

    Resist or Submit? With Joseph Boot

    Resist tyranny or submit to tyranny? There is a divide amongst believers about how the Church is supposed to respond to authority. Getting the jab, church closures, lockdowns, school curriculum, self-defense are all a dividing line. Jospeh Boot joins Cooper Stuff to discuss this important topic of Christian Pacifism and Pietism.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast What Do We Do After Roe? With Victoria Robinson Play in Edifi Player

    What Do We Do After Roe? With Victoria Robinson

    Today we have an extremely powerful episode for you! We have a very knowledgeable guest on the show to discuss the lies that women are told and sold by the abortion industry. Victoria Robinson has been in the pro-life movement for over 2 decades and she shares her personal story of her abortion; how she was lied to; the disturbing antics of the pro-abortion industry; how and why some churches have been hesitant to support the work of pro-life clinics. Today's episode was illuminating for …

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Abortion Free Wisconsin Play in Edifi Player

    Abortion Free Wisconsin

    Wisconsin is abortion-free! Absolutely amazing news and Cooper Stuff has some questions about what this means. We asked our friend Ginna Cross-who runs a pregnancy health center--to come on the show to answer questions. (1) we are called to help women in need…so what is the church and the clinic doing locally to help? How can I help? (2) what does the clinic do now that more women will need attention? (3) we read a Twitter thread from a pastor that is regurgitating lies and deception from the …

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Goodbye Roe! My Emotional Rollercoaster Play in Edifi Player

    Goodbye Roe! My Emotional Rollercoaster

    This was a weekend of celebration! The overturning of Roe vs Wade is truly a miracle and blessing from God! Having said that, there seems to be a lack of celebration from half of the American church. Today, we talk about why; we name names; we read their tweets; we play some of their videos; we get controversial; we speak some truth. This is one of the longest episodes we have ever done, but it's not every weekend that a wicked law is overturned. To God be the glory.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Is Prayer Evil Or Effective? Play in Edifi Player

    Is Prayer Evil Or Effective?

    There is a controversy over a bill that was proposed for “a moment of silence” in schools where students are encouraged to pray or simply to remain silent before starting the school day. Republicans have disappointed us yet again by rejecting the bill. Today Cooper Stuff has journalist Billy Hallowell on the show to discuss. He has been covering the story and has great insight to why politicians on the left and right are both leading us astray.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Silencing Of The Lambs With Michael Brown Play in Edifi Player

    Silencing Of The Lambs With Michael Brown

    Today Cooper Stuff is honored to have Dr. Michael Brown on the show to discuss his new book, The Silencing Of The Lambs. We talk about cancel culture; the need for revival in America that must begin with holiness in the Church; why our hope is not in America but in Jesus Christ; why we have a responsibility to speak truth to the culture; how the gospel can change a nation; and so much more! We hope that you are as encouraged in your faith as we were after listening to this amazing episode.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast Culture Of Death Play in Edifi Player

    Culture Of Death

    School shootings, violence, hate, abortion, suicide…are these issues tied together? Today, instead of discussing policy issues we look at the broader topic of a culture of life versus a culture of death. We read from Proverbs 3 and show how simple belief in God's Word could change a nation. Hope cannot be found in politics, policy, or any government. Hope is found in Jesus Christ and his Word.

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast I Need A Hero! With Frank And Zach Turek Play in Edifi Player

    I Need A Hero! With Frank And Zach Turek

    Today we have an awesome episode with co-authors Frank Turek and Zach Turek to discuss their new book "Hollywood Heroes. How movies reveal God." This is a fun, entertaining episode that is packed with Biblical insights into many of our favorite stories like Spider-man, Batman, and Star Wars. If you're looking for something that is lighthearted and encouraging to your faith, you'll love this episode!

  • Cooper Stuff Podcast I’m A Christian, What’s Next? Play in Edifi Player

    I’m A Christian, What’s Next?

    Today's episode is a positive, exciting encouragement of what the Christian life is about. It was birthed from a conversation with a friend this weekend who said, "Now that I'm a Christian, what's next?" Many people ask this same question: What do I do now? Today's topic is one of my favorite things to talk about in the Christian life: the Word and the power of the Spirit. Let's go!