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Bold and Blunt

Bold and Blunt

Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.

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  • Bold and Blunt Israelis fight for normalization, post-October 7 Play in Edifi Player

    Israelis fight for normalization, post-October 7

    Israelis fight for normalization, post-October 7 Imagine laying in bed and hearing rockets streak overhead and not thinking that it's the rockets themselves that are odd, but rather that there are so, so, so many rockets -- so many more than usual -- that's the oddity. That's how October 7 started for Michal Uziyahu and her family in Ein Habesor, a Jewish community located three miles from Gaza, during the October 7 terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel. She speaks about how the morning opened …

  • Bold and Blunt Three miles from Gaza, a Jewish community fights to heal Play in Edifi Player

    Three miles from Gaza, a Jewish community fights to heal

    Three miles from Gaza, a Jewish community fights to heal Ein Habesor is located about three miles from Gaza, and produces about 60 percent of all of Israel’s produce. Though the terrorists never breached the gate, and nobody from Ein Habesor was killed, adjacent communities weren’t so lucky. For hours, terrorists from Gaza drove the nearby roads — which included those to Reim forest, where thousands of Jewish youth had congregated for the Nova Festival of music — and they fired off RPGs …

  • Bold and Blunt JFK's assassination gets new look Play in Edifi Player

    JFK's assassination gets new look

    Conspiracy theorists, unite! The JFK assassination has a new angle, a new line of thought -- a new piece of evidence and analysis -- and guess what: "The government's been lying and covering up> So says, the coauthor of a new book on the matter, Jerome Corsi, who has taken a look at xrays, along with his coauthor, Dr. David Mantik, and both conclude that evidence has been altered.

  • Bold and Blunt Abortion and the lies of the left Play in Edifi Player

    Abortion and the lies of the left

    Abortion and the lies of the left The left loves to twist definitions and words to work for their leftist designs, and nowhere else, perhaps, is that twisting and turning more noticeable than in the arena of abortion. That's where leftists tell women that to abort their babies is a human right; that to abort their babies is freeing; and that to abort their babies is a viable solution that brings no regrets or consequences. It's all a lie. And Marc Aramian and Veronica Dipippo have quite a …

  • Bold and Blunt January 6 is the real state of the union Play in Edifi Player

    January 6 is the real state of the union

    Joe Biden wants to say America's in great shape -- that thanks to him and his White House policies, this nation couldn't be doing any better, particularly economically. We know that's bunk. If you want to look at how the nation's doing, take a peek behind the curtains of January 6. Radio host Ed Martin says the justice system is a two-tiered mess, and that's causing chaos throughout society.

  • Bold and Blunt Reagan vs. Biden, a real no-brainer Play in Edifi Player

    Reagan vs. Biden, a real no-brainer

    Comparing Ronald Reagan's success as a president versus Joe Biden's success in the White House is a lesson in opposites. Reagan, to this day, is still counted by Americans as one of the best presidents in U.S. history. Biden will be remembered as worse than Jimmy Carter -- no small feat when you consider the weakness of Carter's administration. As Craig Shirley, author of the new "The Search for Reagan," says: Reagan saw individuals in terms of their inherent worth, and governed accordingly. …

  • Bold and Blunt America's deplorable antisemitism problem Play in Edifi Player

    America's deplorable antisemitism problem

    America's colleges and universities have become ground zero for the Jew-hatred movement, and for many, this is a shocking eye-opener. But Dr. Zachary Marschall, w/ Campus Reform and Leadership Institute, says the antisemitism has been festering on America's places of higher learning for decades. The rot must be cleansed. As Marschall said, yes this is America -- but guess what: antisemitism, Jew hatred, violence against Jews -- a call to eradicate Jews from the face of the earth -- it can all …

  • Bold and Blunt Time for Joe Biden, Democrats to fly Play in Edifi Player

    Time for Joe Biden, Democrats to fly

    It's high time for America to take back American Exceptionalism, and the key way to do that is to boot Democrats, particularly President Joe Biden, from office. Democrats have done nothing but devastate the American economy, education system, law and justice and constitutional order, and most especially, the border. As tens of thousands pour into America from countries with socialist and Marxist governments, and then disappear into parts unknown across the United States, the Democrats cheer …

  • Bold and Blunt Digging deeper on Founding Fathers Play in Edifi Player

    Digging deeper on Founding Fathers

    One of today's hottest political discussions is the one that goes like this: What would Founding Fathers do if they were alive today? And it's getting harder and harder to reach consensus on that point because too many Americans are not well schooled on Founding Father logic. So how to debate effectively? Michael Barone, one of America's most respected political pundits and authors, weighs in with a scholarly look at how the founders really arrived at their conclusions. His new book -- "Mental …

  • Bold and Blunt Globalism 101 and how to fight it Play in Edifi Player

    Globalism 101 and how to fight it

    The coming globalist storm is on the horizon -- in fact, it's actually here and now. But as one historian says: Not much under the sun is new. When it comes to the globalist attempt to steal away America's sovereignty, we've actually been here, done that in previous decades. And guess what? Freedom wins. But that doesn't mean the war's won. Larry Schweikart discusses Davos, globalism and the fate of American liberties, as well as his new book, "Patriot's History of Globalism: Its Rise and …

  • Bold and Blunt Demonic days bring fog of daze Play in Edifi Player

    Demonic days bring fog of daze

    Today's evil times are certainly having an effect on society, leading to everything from LGBTQ lunacy to terror attacks on Israel -- to even a nation of American citizens who've forgotten their strength and liberty lies with God, not government. Bible prophecy is unfolding before our eyes. So how to make sense of the darkness and live a life of light in Christ? Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California has a new book. "Living in the Daze of Deception," and he says what's …

  • Bold and Blunt Finding joy in dark times Play in Edifi Player

    Finding joy in dark times

    America certainly is facing some dark and perilous times and it's becoming more and more of a challenge to maintain a positive attitude. But it is possible to have joy. It starts with realizing the definition of joy is not the same as the definition of happiness, and that the idea of following one's heart leads to misery. Brant Hansen, author of "Life Is Hard. God is Good. Let's Dance," discusses. And what he says about maintaining peace during trials and tribulations is enlightening and …

  • Bold and Blunt Truth still matters and evil is still evil Play in Edifi Player

    Truth still matters and evil is still evil

    The reason why American society is seeing such a rot spread through its culture and politics is because truth is something that is seen as an archaic, old-fashioned type of idea that doesn't really belong in modern day. Fact is, too many people take their truth from their own emotions, and scoff the idea of a truth that comes from the Bible and ultimately, from God. If Christians would stand taller and louder for truth, then the politics of America wouldn't be so globalist and dark, and the …

  • Bold and Blunt DEI Brainwashing is worse than you think Play in Edifi Player

    DEI Brainwashing is worse than you think

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a buzz phrase that's been tossed about with growing frequency through the years. And while it sounds soft and warm and fuzzy and safe, its end game is quite the opposite. This is Marxism at work to tear apart America's capitalistic system. Kent Heckenlively has a new book that goes undercover at some of America's corporations to see how DEI is being taught to employees, and oh my gosh, it's a big brainwashing that's turning our businesses into social justice …