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Bold and Blunt

Bold and Blunt

Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.

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  • Bold and Blunt Digging deeper on Founding Fathers Play in Edifi Player

    Digging deeper on Founding Fathers

    One of today's hottest political discussions is the one that goes like this: What would Founding Fathers do if they were alive today? And it's getting harder and harder to reach consensus on that point because too many Americans are not well schooled on Founding Father logic. So how to debate effectively? Michael Barone, one of America's most respected political pundits and authors, weighs in with a scholarly look at how the founders really arrived at their conclusions. His new book -- "Mental …

  • Bold and Blunt Globalism 101 and how to fight it Play in Edifi Player

    Globalism 101 and how to fight it

    The coming globalist storm is on the horizon -- in fact, it's actually here and now. But as one historian says: Not much under the sun is new. When it comes to the globalist attempt to steal away America's sovereignty, we've actually been here, done that in previous decades. And guess what? Freedom wins. But that doesn't mean the war's won. Larry Schweikart discusses Davos, globalism and the fate of American liberties, as well as his new book, "Patriot's History of Globalism: Its Rise and …

  • Bold and Blunt Demonic days bring fog of daze Play in Edifi Player

    Demonic days bring fog of daze

    Today's evil times are certainly having an effect on society, leading to everything from LGBTQ lunacy to terror attacks on Israel -- to even a nation of American citizens who've forgotten their strength and liberty lies with God, not government. Bible prophecy is unfolding before our eyes. So how to make sense of the darkness and live a life of light in Christ? Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California has a new book. "Living in the Daze of Deception," and he says what's …

  • Bold and Blunt Finding joy in dark times Play in Edifi Player

    Finding joy in dark times

    America certainly is facing some dark and perilous times and it's becoming more and more of a challenge to maintain a positive attitude. But it is possible to have joy. It starts with realizing the definition of joy is not the same as the definition of happiness, and that the idea of following one's heart leads to misery. Brant Hansen, author of "Life Is Hard. God is Good. Let's Dance," discusses. And what he says about maintaining peace during trials and tribulations is enlightening and …

  • Bold and Blunt Truth still matters and evil is still evil Play in Edifi Player

    Truth still matters and evil is still evil

    The reason why American society is seeing such a rot spread through its culture and politics is because truth is something that is seen as an archaic, old-fashioned type of idea that doesn't really belong in modern day. Fact is, too many people take their truth from their own emotions, and scoff the idea of a truth that comes from the Bible and ultimately, from God. If Christians would stand taller and louder for truth, then the politics of America wouldn't be so globalist and dark, and the …

  • Bold and Blunt DEI Brainwashing is worse than you think Play in Edifi Player

    DEI Brainwashing is worse than you think

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a buzz phrase that's been tossed about with growing frequency through the years. And while it sounds soft and warm and fuzzy and safe, its end game is quite the opposite. This is Marxism at work to tear apart America's capitalistic system. Kent Heckenlively has a new book that goes undercover at some of America's corporations to see how DEI is being taught to employees, and oh my gosh, it's a big brainwashing that's turning our businesses into social justice …

  • Bold and Blunt Sen. Ron Johnson: Be wary of COVID shots Play in Edifi Player

    Sen. Ron Johnson: Be wary of COVID shots

    Sen. Ron Johnson: Be wary of COVID shots The number of deaths due to COVID shots is rising at an alarming rate, but what's even more alarming is the accompanying reluctance of America's own government agencies and medical experts to acknowledge this is happening. Sen. Ron Johnson has been tracking the safety and negative impact reports from these shots for years, and what he's finding is concerning enough that he says: Don't take the shots. Worse, though, is the stonewalling he's experiencing …

  • Bold and Blunt Donald Trump or Bust Play in Edifi Player

    Donald Trump or Bust

    It's Donald Trump for president in 2024 -- and if you don't like that, deal with it. He's the candidate of choice for conservatives in America and the reasons are two-fold: He's got a track record of controlling the border. And he's got a track record of fighting -- of winning! -- against the globalists. These are the two biggest threats facing the United States right now; it only makes sense to elect the one guy who won't stand down and cower in the corner when the forces of anti-Americanism …

  • Bold and Blunt Palestinian apologists ignore fact that evil exists Play in Edifi Player

    Palestinian apologists ignore fact that evil exists

    America has been turned into a hotbed of pro-Palestinian, anti-semitic protests lately -- and it's a brazen display of ignorance of truthful history. More than that, the pro-Palestinian and anti-semitic displays on college campuses, on public streets, in the very city called our nation's Capitol -- more than that, they're all about a spiritual sickness that refuses to call out evil as evil. Pretending as if the terrorists of Hamas and the Palestinians who voted in office the terror group …

  • Bold and Blunt Keeping Christianity relevant in a sin-filled world Play in Edifi Player

    Keeping Christianity relevant in a sin-filled world

    The rise of the nones. The emptying of church pews. The growing secularization of America. All these matters impact the fate of American liberties because the less people believe in an age of accountability, the less prone they are to believe their actions on earth matter, and the more prone they are to live as non-believers -- which opens the door to behaviors that disrupt the peace of society -- which opens the door for government to come in and try to exert controls to calm society. Are …

  • Bold and Blunt For the love of God, don't vote Democrat Play in Edifi Player

    For the love of God, don't vote Democrat

    Don't vote Democrat, don't vote Democrat, don't vote Democrat -- oh, and one more thing: Don't vote Democrat! Democrats are largely to blame for the downfall of America, the one that's seeing boys dress as girls and pretend to be something they're not; the one that's seeing a president whose primary foreign policy is 'China First;' the one that's seeing hard-working American citizens struggle to pay for their family expenses while leftist pinheads in New York City empty the public schools of …

  • Bold and Blunt Mail-in Voting in 2020 Marked By Massive Fraud Play in Edifi Player

    Mail-in Voting in 2020 Marked By Massive Fraud

    The election of 2020 is still a question mark in many Americans' minds, and now a new survey from The Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports shows why concerns should be very much founded. Fully one-in-five mail-in voters committed fraud, either innocently or knowingly; in the end, to take from Hillary Clinton -- what difference does it make? Fraud is fraud no matter the motivation. And Jim Lakely, VP at Heartland, says the fraud occurred on such a widespread basis that Donald Trump …

  • Bold and Blunt National New Year's resolution: Boot the Marxists Play in Edifi Player

    National New Year's resolution: Boot the Marxists

    Let's resolve to make 2024 the year of saving America from the leftist influences that have corrupted our government and culture, namely the socialists and communists and Marxists who've taken over the Democrat Party. How to save the country? For one, quit voting Democrat. For two, turn back to God. For three -- and four -- and five -- well, guest Allen West, retired Army lieutenant colonel, has a lot of thoughts on what's wrong with this Joe Biden administration, and what Americans can tackle …

  • Bold and Blunt Character: it's good for the soul Play in Edifi Player

    Character: it's good for the soul

    What good is it if an individual gains the world but loses the soul? Or, as Dr. Jennifer London puts it: Character is crucially important. It was a key driving force of so many of America's most noble and influential figures -- Jefferson, Washington, Tubman, Graham. But the main question is: How to instill it in today's youth in a way that lasts? London discusses.