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Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion

Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion

Bring some Spirit-filled peace into your hectic schedule every weekday morning with this new Daily Devotional.


  • Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion February 21st - Proverbs 11:14 Play in Edifi Player

    February 21st - Proverbs 11:14

    Proverbs 11:14 What wise words these are! The world cries out for wise leaders. The Hebrew word used here literally means ‘seamanship’. That is to say: the ship of state needs to be in the hands of those who are wise enough to prevent the nation hitting the rocks. We see far too many countries in confusion and conflict because of the absence of wise leadership. It’s easy to become disillusioned and cynical when we see leaders acting unwisely, and even corruptly. However, we must remember that …

  • Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion February 20th - Proverbs 11:13 Play in Edifi Player

    February 20th - Proverbs 11:13

    Proverbs 11:13 I suspect we have all had the experience of someone saying to us: “This is just between you and me. It must go no further. It has to be kept within these four walls.” Because we are human, we get excited. This person has trusted us with important information. But this is dangerous territory. It may well be that they are passing on information with such care because they have promised not to share it. They have proved that they cannot keep a confidence. You’d do well to remember …

  • Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion February 19th - Luke 19:26 Play in Edifi Player

    February 19th - Luke 19:26

    Luke 19:26 In the parable of the talents, Jesus speaks of three servants who were entrusted with some money. Two of them multiplied the original amount enormously and, when the king discovered this, he was thrilled. But the third servant played it safe, hiding the money to ensure he could return it in full. The king was furious. He ordered his safely preserved money to be given to the servant who had made the most money. Jesus’ message is clear. Don’t play it safe! If God has given you a gift, …

  • Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion February 18th - Luke 19:5-7 Play in Edifi Player

    February 18th - Luke 19:5-7

    Luke 19:5-7 I think everyone loves to be called by name. I certainly do. And it is particularly special if you didn’t realise that the person speaking to you knew your name. Clearly, Zacchaeus was not only surprised that Jesus knew his name but thrilled when he offered to visit his house. This changed everything for Zacchaeus, who realised that he had to turn his life around. The fact that Jesus came into the world to save sinners is wonderful, but it means little until you realise that this …

  • Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion February 17th - Luke 18:35; 40-43 Play in Edifi Player

    February 17th - Luke 18:35; 40-43

    Luke 18:35; 40-43 Jesus knew that he was heading to Jerusalem to die. But, even so, as he was on his way there, he had time for people. When he heard a blind man call out to him, he stopped and gave the man his full attention. From the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry, he had declared that he had come to bring sight to the blind, in fulfilment of Isaiah 61. But that didn’t mean he would impose his healing. He came to offer healing and that’s what he does when he meets the blind beggar in …

  • Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion February 15th - Luke 18:16-17 Play in Edifi Player

    February 15th - Luke 18:16-17

    Luke 18:16-17 Jesus continually surprised people, but his reaction to children would have been particularly astonishing to his hearers. In Jesus’ time, children had no status or protection in law. At best, they were regarded as potential adults who needed to be seen but certainly not heard. The disciples were keen to protect their rabbi, Jesus, from the children so that he could get on with the serious business of instructing the adults. But, as so often was the case, Jesus turned their thinking …

  • Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion February 13th - Luke 15:20-21 Play in Edifi Player

    February 13th - Luke 15:20-21

    Luke 15:20-21 Of all the stories that Jesus told, the parable of the prodigal son is perhaps the most famous. It is a story that takes us to the heart of the good news. Can you think of anything worse than a son asking for his inheritance while his father is still alive? Having secured the money, he then went off and squandered it, ending up completely broke. In his desperation, all he could do was to find a job feeding pigs – and, for a Jew, you couldn’t imagine a worse job because they were …

  • Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion February 12th - Luke 15:8-10 Play in Edifi Player

    February 12th - Luke 15:8-10

    Luke 15:8-10 Almost everyone has a moving story of a time when they lost something very precious. For me, it is normally my keys, glasses or mobile phone and, most of the time, the search concludes successfully within a few anxious minutes. I have never lost my wedding ring, but I have heard many heart-rending stories of people who have. The woman in this story has lost one of the ten silver coins that formed part of her headdress, given to her when she got married. There was no point telling …

  • Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion February 11th - Luke 15:4-5 Play in Edifi Player

    February 11th - Luke 15:4-5

    Luke 15:4-5 This is such a beautiful story. You can picture the shepherd as he makes sure the 99 precious sheep are safe and warm, and then trudges out into the wilderness to look for the one that was lost. It’s a heart-warming story – but it doesn’t make any sense. Economically, why would you run the risk of endangering 99 sheep by leaving them all alone in the desert to search for just one sheep, who constitutes only one per cent of your business? Surely, the shepherd should protect 99 per …

  • Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion February 10th - Luke 13:18-19 Play in Edifi Player

    February 10th - Luke 13:18-19

    Luke 13:18-19 A mustard seed is tiny – between one and two millimetres. You would hardly notice it because it so small but, incredibly, it can grow into a huge plant, commonly three metres tall and sometimes even up to four metres. It’s understandable that Jesus described it as a tree. Inevitably, a mustard plant attracts huge attention from birds who love to feed on the little black seeds. Jesus’ point is clear. When we see God at work in the world, it may not look impressive. It may appear …

  • Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion February 9th - Luke 12:21 Play in Edifi Player

    February 9th - Luke 12:21

    Luke 12:21 I love the fact that most of Jesus’ stories are told in very few words. Our verse today is the punch line to a very brief story that he told about a rich farmer who had such a successful harvest that he needed to build more barns. He concluded that he could now settle back and enjoy life. He could eat, drink and be merry. But Jesus called the man a fool. He had not taken into consideration the fact that his life might come to an end that very night. I don’t believe for a moment that …

  • Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion February 8th - Luke 10:41-42 Play in Edifi Player

    February 8th - Luke 10:41-42

    Luke 10:41-42 Forgive me for a little pop psychology. It seems to me that some people are naturally activists. They are always up and doing. Other people are naturally reflective. They want to stand back from life and consider everything carefully. In this beautiful little account, we meet two sisters who are perfect examples of these different approaches to life. Martha was an activist. She knew Jesus had a very busy ministry and it was obvious to her that he needed a good meal. Martha was …

  • Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion February 7th - Luke 10:33-34 Play in Edifi Player

    February 7th - Luke 10:33-34

    Luke 10:33-34 I love the parable of the Good Samaritan, not least because it would have come as such a complete surprise to Jesus’ hearers. Jesus was being challenged by an expert in the law, who asked for the legal definition of the word ‘neighbour’. He was probably expecting a sophisticated technical response – and instead Jesus told him a story. For any Jew, the parable was deeply shocking. The fact that a man had been ambushed on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho wasn’t surprising. The …

  • Be Still and Know Daily Bible Devotion February 6th - Luke 9:51 Play in Edifi Player

    February 6th - Luke 9:51

    Luke 9:51 There’s a wonderful description of the servant of the Lord in Isaiah 50:7 in which it says that he set his “face like flint”. That is to say, he was absolutely resolute in his obedience to the Lord. That’s precisely what we see here in Luke’s Gospel. Jesus knew that the Jewish leaders were determined to kill him and yet, even so, he headed into the city where his life would be under greatest threat. If anyone had done a risk assessment of the situation, Jesus would have been advised to …