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Anchored by the Sword

Anchored by the Sword

Have you wondered if what you are going through right now actually matters? Or if there is something positive on the other side of your struggle? Welcome to the Anchored by the Sword podcast! Each person who has come onto this podcast has said the same thing, but has found freedom on the other side. If you have struggled with addiction or abuse of any kind, not feeling loved or wanted, not knowing if you should live another day, or lived in fear, there is an episode for you. Listen today and find out what happens when you get anchored to God and to His Word! Come and find freedom today!


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    Nicole's Freedom Story!

    On today's podcast, I am excited to introduce you to my amazing friend, Nicole Jacobsmeyer. We have been online friends for awhile and finally got to meet "in person" via zoom. We go there! When I say there, I mean everything from faith under fire, mental health, suicidal thoughts, cancer and so much more. She is a beautiful person inside and out and you will leave this conversation feeling so encouraged! Her new book, Take Back Your Joy: Fighting For Purpose When Life is More Than You Can …

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    Jennifer's Freedom Story

    Today's guest, Jennifer Hand and I had such an amazing conversation about fear and what is holding you back from doing what God has called you to do. She gives us so many different points to consider in our own walk with God and the adventure we are on in this life. I absolutely loved this conversation and was equally challenged in my way of thinking and processing my walk as well. She is such a bright light in this world and I cannot wait for you to listen and to learn how to put your yes on …

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    Tricia's Freedom Story!

    This conversation with Tricia Zody is such an important one to have anytime, but especially now during Suicide Awareness month. We talk about her life with her husband and about how she had to discover what it was like to continue living after he was gone. Since the tragic death of her husband, she has been learning to put the pieces of her life back together by leaning on the love and hope of Christ one day at a time. His promise to her of “another beautiful life” is evidence of His gracious …

  • Erica's Freedom Story! Erica's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Erica's Freedom Story!

    This conversation with Erica Wiggenhorn is pure fire! We talked about everything from horse riding to revival and everything in between. One of my favorite things she said was to "see our doubt as a doorway to seek more of God." Be ready to take notes in whatever way you do and share this with the people around you! Then head to her website for more encouragement and additional free resources to encourage you in your walk with God. **Bio:** Erica is the founder of Every Life Ministries, …

  • Andy's Freedom Story! Andy's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Andy's Freedom Story!

    This conversation with Andy Clapp is so powerful! He is so open about his struggles with abandonment, suicidal thoughts and attempt in 1998, and how God totally changed his life. His story of how he conquered anger and bitterness left me with my jaw dropped! His story will encourage you to keep going and to trust that God is never walking away from you. **Bio:** Andy Clapp is an award-winning author and pastor. Andy’s debut novel, _Midnight, Christmas Eve_ , released in 2021. He released …

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    Craig's Freedom Story!

    I had such a great conversation with Craig Smith! He talks about how God used his band manager to get he and his wife to church at their lowest point and now have been married for 50 years and in relationship with God for the same duration. He is selfless and wants children to find places where they are safe and loved with the love of Christ. **Bio:** Author Craig Smith spent his early career using music as his main platform for ministry.  He wrote and recorded fourteen music projects with a …

  • Alison's Freedom Story! Alison's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Alison's Freedom Story!

    I have been friends with Alison Cook online for quite some time and have always wanted to talk with her about how she integrates faith and psychology, so when she said yes to coming on, I was ecstatic. This discussion is so important, especially because of how things are in the world today. We talk about everything from her sudden stroke to how healing from trauma can help us to become the best versions of who God created us to be! Get ready to take lots of notes and to preorder this book! …

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    Saundra's Freedom Story!

    I met Saundra Dalton-Smith in March at the Spark/NRB conference and she is one of the sweetest people I know! She wants people to be healthy in their mind, body and soul so they can live the life God has for them. We talk about her journey from losing her mom after childbirth to becoming the woman you see today. This conversation will leave you encouraged and also able to recognize where you are in your health journey. **Bio:** Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith is the founder of Restorasis, a …

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    Arabah Joy's Freedom Story!

    I had such a great time talking with Arabah Joy! Her story can be sensitive for some people to hear, but she is quick to point out the redeeming power of God and how He has used something so tragic to help and relate to others! I was so encouraged by her love of God, His Word and for sharing the story He is writing in her life. I wanted to put this episode out this week because AJ is going to be teaching at the Called to Act Conference that Brittany Ann and I talked about on Tuesday! The …

  • Brittany Ann's Freedom Story! Brittany Ann's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Brittany Ann's Freedom Story!

    Today's conversation with Brittany Ann left me encouraged to continue going after God and sharing what all He has done! She is such an amazing woman doing all of the things, but also reminds us that everything she is doing started with just one step of faith. We discuss both of her books, _Fall in Love with God's Word_ and _Follow God's Will_ , which comes out on October 4th. We also discuss the online conference she is putting on which is from September 13-15th. I have included a link below …

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    Merritt's Freedom Story!

    This week's guest is a person who has had a major impact on the person you see today! I am so excited to introduce you all to Merritt Onsa. I started following her online years ago after I began listening to the _Devoted Dreamers Podcast._ You will definitely leave this conversation feeling encouraged and ready to take the next steps towards your God-given dream! **Bio:** Merritt Onsa is a Dream Coach who provides biblical assurance and safe spaces for the creative Christian woman to …

  • Joanna's Freedom Story! Joanna's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Joanna's Freedom Story!

    I was so excited about the opportunity to talk with Joanna Weaver! I have followed her online since she wrote her first book and was honored to talk with her about the newest one, Embracing Trust, which comes out on Tuesday August 16th. She is an encouraging woman, who wants to see people learn to discover who they are in Christ, so they can live out the purpose He has intended for them. Get ready to take some notes as you listen today and then share it with your friends and others in your …

  • Sharon's Freedom Story! Sharon's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Sharon's Freedom Story!

    Today's conversation with Sharon Hodde Miller is a great one for those of us who have control issues. Her new book, The Cost of Control, comes out next week, August 16th, I would encourage everyone to go order a copy for yourself or for someone in your life who has this struggle. She speaks with such encouragement and grace, yet also not afraid to step on a few toes. I met her several years ago through the socials when I was on the launch team for her second book, Nice and I am so grateful to …

  • Kaitlin's Freedom Story! Kaitlin's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Kaitlin's Freedom Story!

    This interview with Kaitlin Garrison was so much fun! She is equal parts preacher and the fun younger sister. She talks about how her focus on achieving everything for God was not bringing her true freedom. Then she has a time of working alone and finally learned that it was the condition of her heart, not what she was doing that truly mattered! After you are done listening, go out and preorder her new book and get the awesome preorder goodies!! **Bio:** Kaitlin is a twenty-something gal …