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Anchored by the Sword

Anchored by the Sword

Have you wondered if what you are going through right now actually matters? Or if there is something positive on the other side of your struggle? Welcome to the Anchored by the Sword podcast! Each person who has come onto this podcast has said the same thing, but has found freedom on the other side. If you have struggled with addiction or abuse of any kind, not feeling loved or wanted, not knowing if you should live another day, or lived in fear, there is an episode for you. Listen today and find out what happens when you get anchored to God and to His Word! Come and find freedom today!


  • Jessica Harris’s Freedom Story! Jessica Harris’s Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Jessica Harris’s Freedom Story!

    I loved meeting and talking with Jessica Harris. I am so glad that her publisher, Baker Books, reached out to me about her new book called, _Quenched._ It is about Jessica's struggle with pornography and how God brought healing through a women's meeting at college. This is a topic that more women are beginning to be more open about, including myself, and it is so needed in this time we are living in!  Women need to know they are not alone. So take a listen, share this episode with people in …

  • Holley’s Freedom Story! Holley’s Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Holley’s Freedom Story!

    Holley Gerth was one of the first people I thought about interviewing for this podcast. When she agreed to come on, I am not going to lie and say that I was a little excited...or a lot! During our conversation, I learned even more about her than I knew from reading her books. She is a very dedicated wife, mama and Nana to her 2 grandchildren. She is also an introvert with a love of people and words. She is also dedicated to help people to discover and walk in the path God has created for them …

  • Jennifer Eikenhorst's Freedom Story! Jennifer Eikenhorst's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Jennifer Eikenhorst's Freedom Story!

    This week's episode with Jennifer Eikenhorst is one about a sensitive subject. It may be difficult for some people to handle, but it is definitely a needed conversation. She talk about how a single moment can change everything about your life and the lives of other people.  About how she came face to face with a struggle that no one wants and that even more don't want to talk about. I met her through the Spark Network that we are both members of and knew her story needed to be told on this …

  • Reflections from 2022 and our 100th Episode!!!!! Reflections from 2022 and our 100th Episode!!!!! Play in Edifi Player

    Reflections from 2022 and our 100th Episode!!!!!

    Welcome to Season 9!!!!!  Also this is our 100th Episode!!!  I cannot even begin to thank each and everyone of you for tuning in this and each week to hear the redemption stories of each person on the show! I love having the opportunity to do episodes like this one, where I get to look back at the last 100 episodes, 2022 and look ahead to 2023! **Ministry Verse for 2023:** Hebrews 4:12 (NKJV) **Personal Verse for 2023:** Psalm 37:5 (NKJV) **2023 Word of the Year:** Commitment …

  • Wendy's Freedom Story! Wendy's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Wendy's Freedom Story!

    What a way to end Season 8 and start off 2023!!  Today's conversation with Wendy Speake is such a rich, inviting conversation about how to ingest and digest God's Word. She talks about how she understood salvation at a young age and then how God used different areas of her life to love and lead people. I love how passionate she is about "setting down something temporary and ordinary and feasting on the One who is eternal and extraordinary." The 40 day Sugar fast she leads starts on January …

  • Elle's Freedom Story! Elle's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Elle's Freedom Story!

    The last 3 interview episodes have centered around how important it is to make Bible study an important part of our daily lives as a Christ follower and this is an amazing way to end 2022!!!   I have been so excited to not only sit down with Elle Cardel, but to also share her story and also the miraculous story of her beautiful daughter Selah!  Elle is a fierce warrior for God and for Bible literacy. She tells us why she is in this episode and how it has influenced every part of her life, …

  • The Beginning of the Greatest Freedom Story! The Beginning of the Greatest Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    The Beginning of the Greatest Freedom Story!

    I wanted to take some time and read a couple of passages from Scripture as we enter into Christmas weekend. I read from Isaiah 9:6-7 and Luke 2. I pray that each one of you will take time to take time to remember the real reason for this season that our Savior was born to fulfill God's plan here on Earth. He was born as the perfect Son of God, to take our sins away so we can spend eternity with Him. I know many people is the US are being affected by a major winter storm and may not be able to …

  • Amy Seiffert's Freedom Story! Amy Seiffert's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Amy Seiffert's Freedom Story!

    On today's podcast is a fellow Ohioan and amazing writer, speaker and woman, Amy Seiffert. We talk about a lot of things today from her son's battle with Crohn's disease to the role of women in the church and everywhere in between. I really enjoyed getting to meet her, via zoom, and truly learning lessons that I will carry through every part of my ministry and calling!  There is something in here for everyone on here, so get ready to take notes and enjoy this conversation! Side note: She went …

  • Dana's Freedom Story! Dana's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Dana's Freedom Story!

    This discussion with Dana Candler is so important, especially as we are rounding the corner into 2023. This is the time where everyone begins to set goals and plans how they want to start the year. She reminds each of us to keep what is first, first. That is the love of God and living that first commandment life.  Continuing to look for ways each day to grow closer to Him and to fall deeper in love with Him. We talk about fasting and prayer and how important it is for both parts to be …

  • Kat's Freedom Story! Kat's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Kat's Freedom Story!

    On today's podcast, I am so excited to have Kat Vazquez back as our first second time guest!  The first interview was with her and her husband, Jorge back in episode 63.  She has a new devotional out and I absolutely love spending time with her! Her fire for God is truly contagious!! She talks about a time in her life where she was beat down and she really needed to understand who she was. In her quiet time, she asked God, "How do you, Father, see me? Let that encourage you today as you listen …

  • Steven's Freedom Story! Steven's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Steven's Freedom Story!

    I learned a lot from this conversation with Steven T. Collis. I first heard about him when I received a copy of his newest book, _Praying with the Enemy_ , from his publisher. Although I am not great with the names of the gentleman this book is based off of, their story is one that will positively influence everyone who reads it. Hearing the story of two men put into an impossible situation who help each other survive during the Korean War was very intriguing to me because I had 2 grandfathers …

  • Dominic's Freedom Story! Dominic's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Dominic's Freedom Story!

    Today's conversation with Dominic Done is such a timely one as we are entering the seasons of Advent and Christmas.  His new book, Your Longing Has a Name, talks about soul health and what that means in every part of our lives.  One thing he says about it is, "Once we begin to understand God’s vision for the entirety of who we are, then it gives us a captivating vision of how we can move towards soul health."  As we are coming to a time where we really check ourselves for both this season and …

  • Amy Brady's Freedom Story! Amy Brady's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Amy Brady's Freedom Story!

    I met Amy Brady through the Dreamers Summit that I attended a couple of years back through Horacio Printing. She is an amazing woman, who has learned how to take situations and trauma from her own life and use it to help others. She has a sympathetic and an empathetic way about her that makes people feel comfortable sharing their messes with her. Today's conversation is a great reminder of not only the messiness of life, but the hope springing forth each day. **Bio:** Years of waiting …

  • Tracy's Freedom Story! Tracy's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Tracy's Freedom Story!

    I had the honor and privilege to meet and interview Dr. Tracy Strawberry for this episode.  She is such a beautiful person inside and out!  It was completely a God appointment for us to get to talk!  I felt so comfortable with her that I revealed something in this episode only the people in my inner circle know! There is so much wisdom and goodness springing from her story of redemption, restoration and healing! Get your notes app or a pen and paper handy because you will definitely need it! …