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Anchored by the Sword

Anchored by the Sword

Our stories can change the world. Welcome to the place where men and women from NE Ohio and beyond will be sharing their stories of redemption. No matter where you are, God is right there ready to receive you and redeem your story. There is something to gain from listening to each of these stories! We will be covering a lot of different topics, some of which could be sensitive for some people. Come and join us on the road to freedom in Jesus! Follow us: IG: https://www.instagram.com/anchoredbytheswordpodcast FB: https://www.facebook.com/anchoredbythesword


  • Jodi’s Freedom Story! Jodi’s Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Jodi’s Freedom Story!

    I met Jodi Howe in Nashville this past March and I absolutely adore her!  We have so much in common and have a similar passion to help people not feel alone! You will definitely love this conversation and please share it with friends, family, complete strangers and FB peeps so they can feel not so alone! Jodi has a heart for Jesus! Although she studied & performed music & acting (onscreen & off), the majority of her life, when her anxiety took a drastic turn, she found Jesus Christ and that's …

  • Caris’s Freedom Story Caris’s Freedom Story Play in Edifi Player

    Caris’s Freedom Story

    This conversation I had with Caris Snider is one that will be helpful for any age group!  A lot of people are battling anxiety and/or depression in some way, shape or form.  We talked about how fast anxiety can come upon someone and how it can affect anyone.  We talk about different ways to combat it and how to use the resources God has provided for us.  We talk about what it means to be a safe place for tweens and other people.  Her and I want everyone to know you are not alone.  God is not …

  • Scott's Freedom Story! Scott's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Scott's Freedom Story!

    Welcome Scott Box to the podcast this week!  When I was contacted about interviewing him and reading his book, I knew he would be the perfect guest to kick off this special series of the podcast dedicated to bringing awareness to mental health in the church.  I pray that hearing Scott's story will encourage you to seek help if you are struggling in any area of your life. Scott Box is the founder of the ministry, Worship Hero. His mission is to change the way people understand and practice …

  • Nicole’s Freedom Story Nicole’s Freedom Story Play in Edifi Player

    Nicole’s Freedom Story

    This conversation with Nicole Smithee really encouraged my heart and life!  I know it will do the same for you!  We covered so many different topics including: ministry life, infertility, miscarriage, bullying and so much more with the intention of reminding you that God is still good even in the trials of life, He is still there for you and loves you.  I felt this episode would be a great episode to come out during infertility awareness week.  I share a snippet of my infertility journey and …

  • Cameron's Freedom Story! Cameron's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Cameron's Freedom Story!

    This episode was 100% a God appointment!  I received an email the night after the first day of the NRB Convention from Cameron Arnett's company asking if I would like to interview him.  I had one of two times available on the last day of the Convention and obviously it worked out!  He is such an amazing man of God and I am so excited for you to hear his heart behind the work he does, and also about the beautiful relationship he has with his wife, BJ. Cameron Arnett is an award-winning actor …

  • Lauren's Freedom Story Lauren's Freedom Story Play in Edifi Player

    Lauren's Freedom Story

    Welcome to the second podcast for this week!  I wanted to introduce you to my new friend, Lauren Greci!  We were on the same launch team a year ago and then she asked me to be a part of her launch team for her first book, Mercy in the Mess.  This episode is full of some great nuggets, and even some resources that have helped her in homeschooling her boys. Lauren Greci, author of _Mercy in the Mess_ , spends the bulk of her days homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, and cooking some more. She …

  • Lisa's Freedom Story! Lisa's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Lisa's Freedom Story!

    Welcome to the first episode to come out this week of the Anchored by the Sword podcast!  I met Lisa Appelo online in 2018 and in real life in 2019. She is such an amazing woman and has a story we all need to hear.  We discuss how to walk through a major loss, grief and fear of the unknown.  Her new book, Life Can Be Good Again, comes out on April 19th.  Head over to https://lisaappelo.com/lifecanbegoodagain to order the book and get the preorder goodies before it comes out! Lisa Appelo is a …

  • Julie's Freedom Story! Julie's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Julie's Freedom Story!

    Julie Holmquist and I have been online friends for years, so it was so great to sit down via zoom and have this conversation! We did not plan for it to go in the direction that it did, but I am so glad it did! Julie is a speaker, podcast host to “Kairos Moments,” author, and Bible teacher. God has given her deep insight into His Word with real-life, practical application. Julie loves to empower Christian women with a God-given dream take confident and bold steps forward with that dream and to …

  • Rachel Bruno's Freedom Story! Rachel Bruno's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Rachel Bruno's Freedom Story!

    I met Rachel Bruno at the NRB Convention at the beginning of March.  I heard her story and had all of the feelings!  I knew she needed to come on the podcast to tell her story.  This is a longer episode, but it is such an important story for everyone to hear.  There was another very similar case that happened in the last few weeks and I didn't realize how big of a problem this is. Rachel is a wife to her husband of 19 years, and a mom of two boys. As a business and communication specialist, …

  • Scarlet’s Freedom Story! Scarlet’s Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Scarlet’s Freedom Story!

    Welcome Scarlet Hiltibidal to the podcast today!  I was so excited to meet her and to discuss her freedom story.  She is the author of Afraid of All the Things, You’re the Worst Person in the World, the Anxious Bible study, and other books. She writes regularly for ParentLife Magazine, HomeLife Magazine, and She Reads Truth. Scarlet enjoys speaking to women around the country about the freedom and rest available in Jesus. She and her husband live in Southern California, where she loves sign …

  • Jennifer's Freedom Story! Jennifer's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Jennifer's Freedom Story!

    I have been friends in the online circle with Jennifer Watson for around 3-4 years!  I was even blessed to be on the launch team for her first book!  She is such a beautiful person both inside and out; which you will hear during this conversation.  It took a turn we were not expecting, but we know how important the topic of mental health is during this time.  I pray that as you listen to this episode, that you will feel the freedom to be open about your own struggles and know that you are not …

  • Kat's Freedom Story! Kat's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Kat's Freedom Story!

    Welcome to Season 5 of this podcast!!  Today's conversation with Kat Armstrong is so good! I love this conversation and I know you will too.  You will learn about how we have became friends through social media, how she realized who her Bible study teacher was, and develop a new appreciation for Psalm 23. After you listen to this conversation, go follow her and show her some love! She was born in Houston, Texas, where the humidity ruins her Mexi-German curls. She is a powerful voice in our …

  • 1 Year Anniversary of the Podcast!!! 1 Year Anniversary of the Podcast!!! Play in Edifi Player

    1 Year Anniversary of the Podcast!!!

    This week’s episode is the end of season 4 and also celebrating the 1 year Anniversary of this podcast on March 3!! Thank you so much for all of your support and love during this first year! I am so grateful for what has already happened and excited for what is next! Next week, I will be at the Spark/NRB Conferences, so during that time, get caught up on the rest of the episodes and leave a rating and review! This is so others can find this podcast and become encouraged by the freedom stories of …

  • Lonette's Freedom Story Lonette's Freedom Story Play in Edifi Player

    Lonette's Freedom Story

    On this week's podcast, I want to introduce Lonette Baity!  She is an amazing woman, whom I had the opportunity to meet two times for what feels like the first time!  That may sound really confusing, but tune in and you will find out why I say that! Lonette earned a degree in Communication Studies from Malone University in 2004. For more than 15 years, God has used her passion for drama and storytelling to clearly communicate Truth with creativity and enthusiasm. From women’s conferences and …