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Anchored by the Sword

Anchored by the Sword

Have you wondered if what you are going through right now actually matters? Or if there is something positive on the other side of your struggle? Welcome to the Anchored by the Sword podcast! Each person who has come onto this podcast has said the same thing, but has found freedom on the other side. If you have struggled with addiction or abuse of any kind, not feeling loved or wanted, not knowing if you should live another day, or lived in fear, there is an episode for you. Listen today and find out what happens when you get anchored to God and to His Word! Come and find freedom today!


  • Rachelle Starr's Freedom Story! Rachelle Starr's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Rachelle Starr's Freedom Story!

    Today's episode with my new friend, Rachelle Starr. Rachelle talks about how her journey of working with women in the adult entertainment industry started when she was 23 years old, starting with a daily prayer session for 18 months with the people who decided to walk this path with her. When God told her it was time to start going in, the soil was ready for planting. She emphasizes the importance of developing rhythms of prayer, fasting and soaking in the Word of God, not only to discover His …

  • Tracy Taris's Freedom Story! Tracy Taris's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Tracy Taris's Freedom Story!

    Today's episode with Tracy Taris covers so many different topics! She talks about how before she went through years of therapy and healing, the only way she would describe her past was with a victim mentality. She used to be only be able to see the hurt and trauma that her mom caused her in her childhood, to now being able to see that her mom was coming from a place of pain and hurt on her own and didn't know how to heal from that herself. She talks about how going through therapy led her to …

  • Amy Debrucque's Freedom Story! Amy Debrucque's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Amy Debrucque's Freedom Story!

    I love this conversation with Amy Debrucque! She talks about how she struggled with severe anxiety for many years and how a cancer diagnosis 11 years ago started her down a path where she learned how to lean more into God and trust Him more. Amy's first book  _Embolden,_ co-written with her college-age daughter Blair, helps women discover the next brave steps and actions to conquer their fears and insecurities. She reminds us that whatever we are going through doesn't have the final say; that …

  • Christy Osborne's Freedom Story! Christy Osborne's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Christy Osborne's Freedom Story!

    Today, ABTS goes global! Today's episode is with Christy Osborne, who is originally from California and has been living in the UK for 15 years. We talk about her journey across the pond and how she came face to face with a decision that ultimately changed her life just as the world was coming to its own crossroads. I loved our discussion and pray that it will help anyone who is struggling with any type of addiction right now. **Bio:** Christy Osborne is a certified sobriety coach and …

  • Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien's Freedom Story! Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien's Freedom Story!

    I really enjoyed getting to meet and talk with Tarah-Lynn! She has already done so much in her short life and it has all started with her saying "yes" to God. She talks about how she first learned how to separate her mom's testimony from her own and how it helped her lean more into what God wanted to teach her. She talks about her journey from not wanting to wear the school uniform because it wasn't "fashionable" to now working in the fashion industry. She has learned about confidence both …

  • Keri Eichberger’s Freedom Story! Keri Eichberger’s Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Keri Eichberger’s Freedom Story!

    Today's conversation could not have come at a better time!! Keri Eichberger and I are talking about anxiety and her new book, Win Over Worry and the first time she suffered a major anxiety attack was when 9/11 happened. So many of us can relate to this even if we did not personally know anyone who died that day. Our very foundation as a country was shaken and that is when Keri realized that when our foundation is on anything but Jesus, we will be easily shaken. She also goes into detail about …

  • Jenn Schultz's Freedom Story! Jenn Schultz's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Jenn Schultz's Freedom Story!

    Today's episode with Jenn Schultz was something I knew I needed to hear while we recorded it and it is something I know will resonate with you as well! We discuss how she is a recovering people pleaser and perfectionist and how those two attributes had a negative on her relationship with God and with others for a long time. In her first published book, _She's Not Your Enemy,_ she examines nine different categories of women who we may interact with or may see in ourselves. She reminds us that …

  • Michelle McKinney Hammond's Freedom Story! Michelle McKinney Hammond's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Michelle McKinney Hammond's Freedom Story!

    Today's conversation with Michelle McKinney Hammond will both inspire and challenge you to look at your life and how you live it. Her life is the culmination of just saying yes to God and seeing what He does with it. We discuss how she came to know Christ after a devastating incident occurred and how He has carried her since to places and doing things she could have never imagined. She reminds us that He always brings us out after He brings us through! Enjoy today's episode and go give her a …

  • Bob Wheatley's Freedom Story! Bob Wheatley's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Bob Wheatley's Freedom Story!

    I have been looking forward to this episode with Bob Wheatley coming out! We talk about his upbringing in the church and how at 25, he was faced with the realization that although he was saying and doing the "Christian" things, he wasn't giving God his everything. When the future he had envisioned was gone, he finally found the freedom he truly needed and desired. We also spend time talking about his book, _Our Hearts' Desire: How Our Stories Reveal the Thing We Want Most_ , which looks at how …

  • Meredith Miller's Freedom Story! Meredith Miller's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Meredith Miller's Freedom Story!

    Meredith Miller is today's guest on the podcast! I loved our conversation about her story out of a "follow the rules or else" relationship with God to now helping her children and others learn about how to have a personal relationship with God. We discuss the importance of allowing our children the space to ask the hard questions and guiding them in a way that brings them closer to God and not away from faith. I believe the things we discuss are so important as we are all learning how to …

  • Rachel Lohman's Freedom Story! Rachel Lohman's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Rachel Lohman's Freedom Story!

    Today's episode is one that many people can relate to and many more will not talk about. Rachel Lohman is my guest today and we talk about her story of the miscarriage that occurred during her first pregnancy. Her book, _Miscarried Hope_ , comes out next Tuesday and is available for preorder now! We talk about how she has been able to turn that tragic event into one of hope and triumph. She has developed a place where women and men who have experienced any type of infant loss and infertility …

  • Rickey Hill and Jeff Calenteno's Freedom Stories! Rickey Hill and Jeff Calenteno's Freedom Stories! Play in Edifi Player

    Rickey Hill and Jeff Calenteno's Freedom Stories!

    As an avid sports fan, getting to talk with 2 people who were instrumental in bringing a movie to life that is all about life, faith, family and baseball is a true honor! Rickey Hill, whose story is the premise for _The Hill_ movie, and Jeff Celentano, director of the movie, were so much fun to talk with and to learn more about. I pray that today's episode will encourage you to follow the path God has put you on and to always trust Him with the dreams He has given you! Enjoy this conversation …

  • Michelle Bengston's Freedom Story! Michelle Bengston's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Michelle Bengston's Freedom Story!

    Today's interview is with Dr. Michelle Bengston. We have been online friends for many years and I was so excited to finally meet her "in person" and to talk about her story. She talks about the pain and struggles her and her family have been through over the years, but at the same time talks about the hope and promises she has in God and in the life He promises. She reminds each of us that "where you are right now is just a chapter in your story." Her story will encourage and challenge you at …

  • Matt Potter's Freedom Story! Matt Potter's Freedom Story! Play in Edifi Player

    Matt Potter's Freedom Story!

    Today's guest is my new friend, Matthew Potter. His story will definitely inspire you to keep on going in whatever you are facing in your life today! From being adopted to a wonderful family as a baby to becoming one of the co- founders of Pray.com and everything in between. He reminds each of us that although the journey is difficult, to keep staying the course. I pray this episode encourages you and click the link below for a free one year subscription to all of the paid content on pray.com! …