2 of the Best Christian Podcasts on Navigating Contemporary Culture

Contemporary culture is filled with complexity and uncertainty, especially for those attempting to live a solid biblical life. From navigating parenting to marriage, dating — and the news cycle — a lot of people are simply looking for guidance.

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So, here are two shows you can listen to right now that will help you both understand and navigate culture:

Christian Podcast: “Think Biblically”

How do we “think biblically” in modern culture? Well, there’s a podcast to help us live out that call. “Think Biblically,” hosted by Scott Rae and Sean McDowell of Biola University, explores the biblical wisdom needed to navigate cultural waters.

“Think Biblically” is one of the best Christian podcasts for understanding how to navigate cultural trends. You can listen here on the Edifi app today.

Best Christian Podcasts: “BreakPoint”

John Stonestreed offers what he calls a “daily dose of sanity," helping Christians apply a biblical worldview to movies, politics, culture and much more. Stonestreet doesn’t back away from the toughest issues of the day, offering fascinating commentary and perspective.

Listen to “BreakPoint” today on the Edifi app!

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