2020-06-08 | 2 of the Best Christian Podcasts on Navigating Contemporary Culture

Contemporary culture is filled with complexity and uncertainty, especially for those attempting to live a solid biblical life. From navigating parenting to marriage, dating — and the news cycle — a lot of people are simply looking for guidance. Edifi is a new Christian podcast app that aggregates the best Christian podcasts, offering faith-inspiring Christian podcasts on a plethora of topics all in one place (get the app here). So, here are two shows you can listen to right now that will help you both understand and navigate culture:

2020-05-15 | The Best Christian Podcast App You Need To Download For 2020

Are you looking for an uplifting, entertaining new podcast — but you’re overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of options? Meet Edifi. Edifi gives you today’s most popular Christian podcasts all in a single app experience you can trust. Edifi’s powerful app aggregator offers the most Christian-centric streaming audio experience in the world today, including thousands of podcasts all in one place. Whether you’re a fan of Tony Evans or Rick Warren, Edifi makes it easy to listen to your favorite pastors, Bible teachers, Christian authors, Christian musicians or other podcasters.