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Upload an Episode

Before you can upload an episode, you must have a hosted channel on Edifi. To start and host a podcast on Edifi. Read this article. Start and Host a Podcast on Edifi

Once you have a hosted channel. First, navigate to the Episodes page by clicking “Episodes” on the menu. Then click “+ New Episode”.

On the Create New Episode page, select the channel you want to add to. Then select the audio file to upload. Wait for the upload and file processing to complete.

After the upload and processing procedure is done, you will be lead to the Episode Edit page. Fill out other episode information and click “Save”.

Newly uploaded episodes are drafts by default and only visible in your studio. In order to make it public on the Edifi platform, you will need to publish it. Click on the episode to get to the View Episode page. Click the “Publish” button in the toolbar.

You will see a pop-up asking you to publish it now or schedule it. Select the option accordingly. And the episode will be published and visible to others.