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Create and Manage a Private Channel

What is a private channel?

To understand what is a private channel, learn more here.

How do I create a private channel?

First, you need to be enrolled in Edifi as a podcaster. Learn more here. When creating a new channel in Edifi Studio, there is a checkbox to set it as a private channel.

How do I invite someone to my private channel?

After creating a private channel, there is a button to create an invitation on the channel list page in Edifi Studio. This will generate a unique invitation link to your channel, which can expire in the timeframe that you can set. Send that link to the people you want to invite to this private channel. When a link expires, new listeners will be unable to subscribe to the private channel with the same link. Listeners who have already subscribed to the private channel before it expires will still be able to access this private channel until they unsubscribe.

How can I remove a subscriber from a private channel?

Inside of Edifi Studio, there is a Subscribers tab that can be found in your channel’s details page. You will see the names (by account name) of your subscribers. You can remove someone if you no longer want them to have access to this private channel.