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Claim Ownership of Your Podcast

To claim the ownership of a podcast, first, you need a podcaster account. Then you can create a claim in the Edifi Podcaster Studio.

Make sure that the podcast is already on the Edifi platform by using the search function in the Edifi App. If it’s not yet on the platform you may want to submit your podcast to Edifi. Learn more.

If you want to start and host your podcast on Edifi. Read this article. Start and Host a Podcast on Edifi

Create a podcaster account

To create a podcaster account, follow the steps described in the article below:

Enroll in the Edifi Podcaster Program

Submit an ownership claim in Edifi Podcaster Studio

In the Edifi Podcaster Studio, navigate to the Channels page by clicking “Channels” on the menu. Then click “Claim Ownership”.

On the New Claim page, enter the name of your podcast to search for it on the Edifi platform. Select your podcast in the search result from the dropdown menu. If you have difficulty locating your podcast, you may contact us at

For the podcasts that support automated verification, you may click the “Automatically verify by email” button to verify the claim automatically. An email will be sent to the owner’s email address listed in the feed of the podcast. Follow the instructions in the email. Once the verification is completed, you will then see the channel in the studio.

If you choose to have the claim reviewed by the support team, click the “Submit” button after you selected your podcast. Then provide us with some proof, for example, a screenshot of your podcast in your hosting platform. You can skip the proof if the email of your Edifi account is the same author email in the feed of your podcast.

You will be notified once the review is completed. If the claim is approved, you will then see the channel in the studio.