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Join, Access, and Leave a Private Channel

What is a private channel?

To understand what is a private channel, learn more here.

How do I subscribe to a private channel?

First you need to receive an invitation link which was created and shared by the private channel’s host. An invitation link will have an expiration time. When you click the invitation link before it expires, you will see the private channel’s page. You can decide to subscribe to this private channel or not. If you don’t have an Edifi account, the Edifi app will navigate you to create an account first. After subscribing to the private channel, it will navigate you to your subscription page, where you will find all your subscribed channels. A lock icon indicates a private channel.

How do I find my subscribed private channels?

There is a subscriptions icon on the lower menu bar of the app. When you go to the subscription page, you will find all your subscribed channels. A lock icon will indicate the channels that are private.

How do I unsubscribe to a private channel?

You can click the unsubscribe button on the private channel’s page.